10 Interesting Italian School Facts

Sunday, April 13th 2014. | Education

If you decide to move to Italy, you need to know the Italian school facts. The school in Italy is different with the school in other countries. The name of the teacher as well as the curriculum should be learned first so that you can study here in comfort. Let’s find out the facts about Italian school below:

Italian School Facts 1: teaching in Italian school

There are several terms that you need to differentiate in Italian school. When you are in elementary school, the name of the teacher is maestro. The middle and high school teacher is called professore. All kinds of teachers are called insegnante.

Italian School Facts 2: classico

Classico is the name of the subject in Italy. If you have this classico class, you will learn about the classical Latin and Greek.

Italian School

Italian School

Italian School Facts 3: magistrale

Magistrale is the subject to train the teachers in elementary school. If you want to study languages, you need to be enrolled in linguistico class.

Italian School Facts 4: artistico

Artistico is one of the most popular subjects in Italy. It makes you learn arts. You can go to fine arts academic or a school of architecture to study about art in Italy.

Italian School facts

Italian School facts

Italian School Facts 5: age

The children in the age of 6 to 10 years old should attend the elementary school in Italy.

Italian School Facts 6: principal

Principal is the head of a school. In Italy, you need to use the word preside to call the principal. If you call the principal using the word Pincipale, it means you summon the boss in your office.

Italian School Now

Italian School Now

Italian School Facts 7: the summer season

During the summer season, the Italian students do not have to go to school. The school holiday starts from July to August.  Both are considered as the hottest months in Italy.

Italian School Facts 8: infant school

Scuola maternal is a term to call the infant school. In English, it means the motherly school.

Italian School pupils

Italian School pupils

Italian School Facts 9: high school

Most high schools in Italy start their school in 8 o’clock in the morning. The lessons finish before lunch because there are only few courses for the high school students.

Italian School Facts 10: scores

The students who do not have good mark cannot transfer to the university. If you want to pass the high school, you need to graduate in good mark.

Italian School Students

Italian School Students

Votto in condotta is the behavior mark in Italian school. The student needs to get 8 to pass the behavior mark. If they get less than 8, they fail in the year. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Italian school?

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