10 Interesting USC Facts

Friday, January 27th 2017. | Education

Let me show you the useful information about a private research university on USC Facts. It stands for University of Southern California. The primary campus is located in Los Angeles, California. It was established in 1880. That is why it earns the status as the oldest private research university in California. Many business professionals and leaders have their education in the university.

USC Facts 1: the source of economy

USC contributes around $5 billion for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area’s economy.

USC Facts 2: the enrolled students

The enrolled students in USC reached 18,740 for the academic year of 2014/2015. All of them take the undergraduate programs for four years. The university is very selective for the acceptance rate is only 16 percent.

USC Doheny

USC Doheny

USC Facts 3: the programs

The programs offered by USC include medicine, social work, engineering, law and business. Check facts about the University of Florida here.

USC Facts 4: the focus

USC focuses on the entrepreneurship and innovation since its foundation. There is no need to wonder that many alumni decide to establish their own companies. The famous companies such as Riot Games, Tinder, Qualcomm, Intuit, Salesforce.com, Myspace, and Lucasfilm are founded by USC’s alumni.

USC Seal

USC Seal

USC Facts 5: technology

USC is also a home of technology. The most powerful quantum computer in the world is located in USC. The antivirus software, VoIP, dynamic programming and DNA computing are some inventions of technologies in USC.

USC Facts 6: the strategic location of University Park campus

University Park campus is located in strategic area due to its proximity with the landmarks of Los Angeles such as Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and the Shrine Auditorium.

USC Widney 1903

USC Widney 1903

USC Facts 7: the buildings

The Romanesque Revival styled architecture is found in most buildings of USC. The modernist style is spotted on the physical sciences labs, engineering building and several dormitories. The oldest building is Widney Alumni House for it was established in 1880. Look at facts about University of Houston here.

USC Facts 8: renovation

USC features a number of renovations in the recent years. The traditional university quads and gardens are used to replace the old roads. One of the original buildings of USC is the Zumberge Hall.

Facts about USC

Facts about USC

USC Facts 9: the tallest structure

The tallest structure in USC is The Von KleinSmid Center of International and Public Affairs. The top part features a globe which the weight of 2,500 kilogram or 5,500 lbs.

USC Facts 10: community service

Almost 50 percent of the students are involved in the community service voluntarily.

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