10 Interesting UCF Facts

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UCF Facts will impress us with the detail information about the American public research university located in Orlando, Florida.  UCF stands for University of Central Florida.  Based on the total enrollment and undergraduate enrollment, UCF is the largest one in the country. The Florida Legislature established UCF in 1963. It was opened as Florida Technological University in 1968.  The primary objective at that time was to support the space program. Let us check other interesting facts about UCF below:

UCF Facts 1: the expansion

Though it was originally intended to focus on technology and engineering, the programs have been expanded over the years.

UCF Facts 2: changing the name

In 1978, the University of Central Florida was used as the replacement name of Florida Tech. Today, the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium is led by the university. It still highlights the space root of UCF.

UCF at Night

UCF at Night

UCF Facts 3: the enrollment

UCF only had 1,948 students for the first enrollment. Today, the enrollment reached 60,821 students. All of them are from US and 140 countries in the world. Check also Facts about UC Berkeley here.

UCF Facts 4: the student population

The main campus of UCF is occupied by most students. It is situated 21 kilometer or 13 miles of downtown Orlando. From the Daytona Beach, it is 89 kilometer apart.



UCF Facts 5: the degrees and colleges

UCF has 13 colleges and 12 satellite campuses. It offers the students with at least 200 degrees. There have been at least 290,000 degrees awarded by UCF since its opening.

UCF Facts 6: the researches

UCF has contributed to the field of digital media, optics, engineering, education, hospitality management, business administration, arts and simulation.



UCF Facts 7: the official colors

Do you know that official colors of UCF? They are black and gold. Pegasus is selected as the logo.

UCF Facts 8: sport

UCF also participates in sport. The UCF Knights compete in American Athletic Conference and NCAA Division I. Get Facts about UC Davis here.

Facts about UCF

Facts about UCF

UCF Facts 9: the campus layout

The campus layout of UCF is unique. There is no need to wonder that other universities use it as their model.

UCF Facts 10: the concentric circles

UCF features some concentric circles such as the Pegasus Circle, Mercury Circle, Apollo Circle and Gemini Blvd.  The former one is the innermost circle.

UCF Images

UCF Images

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