10 Interesting UCLA Facts

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UCLA Facts tell the readers about the public research university. UCLA stands for University of California, Los Angeles. The location is in Westwood. In 1919, UCLA gained the status as the Southern Branch of University of California. Many students attend UCLA because it offers them with different kinds of disciplines. It has 337 undergraduate and graduate programs. The report states that UCLA has 13,000 graduate and 31,000 undergraduate students. Let us find out more interesting facts about UCLA in the following post below:

UCLA Facts 1: the applicants

In fall 2016, UCLA has been applied by 119,000 students. Compared to other university in America, it has the most applicants.

UCLA Facts 2: the academics and reputation of UCLA

For its reputation, UCLA earns the 13th place in 2015-2016 based on the Rankings of Times Higher Education World University. Based on its academics, it gains the 16th place.

UCLA Building

UCLA Building

UCLA Facts 3: the division of UCLA

UCLA has four professional health science schools, seven professional schools and six undergraduate colleges.

UCLA Facts 4: sport

UCLA also focuses on the sporting activities. Do you know that the university has obtained 60 bronze, 65 silver and 126 gold medals in the Olympics? All of them had been earned by the staffs, coaches and student athletes in UCLA. Get facts about Texas University here.

UCLA Image

UCLA Image

UCLA Facts 5: the building

Four buildings were spotted on the new campus of UCLA in 1929. They included The Janss Steps, Powell Library and Kinsey Hall, Royce Hall and Haines Hall.

UCLA Facts 6: the present day buildings in the campus

The present day building of UCLA covers the area of 1.7 km square or 419 acres. It is a home of 163 buildings. Check facts about Penn State here.



UCLA Facts 7: the strategic location

UCLA has strategic location for it is south of Sunset Boulevard.  It is also located near the Westwood shopping district.

UCLA Facts 8: the informal division

The campus of UCLA is divided informally in two sections. Both are the South Campus and North Campus. The Italian brick with traditional architecture is found in the North Campus. It houses the programs of business, law, social science, humanities and arts.

Facts about UCLA

Facts about UCLA

UCLA Facts 9: South Campus

The South Campus has a mix of several architectural designs on its building. It also has museums, sculpture gardens and fountains. The UCLA medical center, mathematical science, life science, engineering, physical science and health related programs are housed in the campus.

UCLA Facts 10: Bruin Plaza

Bruin Plaza is located at the intersection of Westwood Plaza and Bruin Walk where you can find Bruin Bear statue and art stage performance.

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