10 Interesting Niall Horan Facts

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If you are interested to know one of the main members of one direction, you can check Niall Horan Facts. Horan was born on 13th September 1993. If you want to know his character based on the sign of zodiac, he is a helpful, precise, analytical, reliable and observant person. He is Virgo just like his One Direction friend, Liam. Here are facts about Niall Horan for you:

Niall Horan Facts 1: family life

Niall’s parents are Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher. Greg is his elder brother. He is 24 years old now. When Niall was five years old, his parents separated. Both kids had to spend between the two homes of his mother and father. Finally both had to stay in Mullingar, Country of Westmeath in Ireland in their dad’s home.

Niall Horan Facts 2: education

Niall went to St. Kenny National School to study. But then he was at Catholic secondary school Coláiste Mhuire in Mullingar.

Niall Horan Facts

Niall Horan Facts

Niall Horan Facts 3: his favorite man and woman

Michael Buble was his favorite man, while Cheryl Cole is called as his ideal woman. Check Cheryl Cole facts here.

Niall Horan Facts 4: Derby County

Derby County is the English football club that he likes a lot. He watched the first game of Derby County when he was only four years old. During his early age, he would travel from Ireland to UK just to watch the game of her favorite football team.

Niall Horan Pic

Niall Horan Pic

Niall Horan Facts 5: ‘Up All Night’

‘Up All Night’ is the debut album of One Direction. Niall only has the least solo out of five members in One Direction. He only showed his skill for around 1 minute and 25 second of solo.

Niall Horan Facts 6: ‘So Sick’

When Niall was competing in X-factor, Louis Walsh was very impressed with his performance. At that time, he sang So Sick from Ne-Yo.

Niall Horan Playing Guitar

Niall Horan Playing Guitar

Niall Horan Facts 7: favorite color, book and mojo

Niall considers a pair of white socks as his lucky mojo. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ must be the favorite book of Niall because he could read it entirely. His favorite colors are green and blue.

Niall Horan Facts 8: fixing the teeth

As an entertainer and singer, Niall had to look good all of the time. To fix his teeth, he had transparent white braces in December 2011.

Niall Horan Singer

Niall Horan Singer

Niall Horan Facts 9: Viva La Vida

Do you know the favorite song all of time for Niall? He likes Coldplay Viva La Vida a lot.

Niall Horan Facts 10: having a guitar

The best Christmas present that he had ever received was a guitar

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

The first pets that Niall got were two goldfish. He called them Tom and Jerry. What do you think on facts about Niall Horan?

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