10 Interesting St Peter Facts

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If you want to know one of the famous 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ, you need to check St Peter Facts. If you check New Testament, St Peter is often called as Simeon, Simon Peter of Simon.  He was considered as the first pope based on the belief of Roman Catholic Church. In “Rock of My Church” dialogue in Matthew 16:18, it was stated that Jesus Christ ordained him as a pope. Check other interesting facts about St Peter below:

St Peter Facts 1: the ancient Christian churches

St Peter is believed to establish the Church of Antioch and Church in Rome based on the belief of ancient Christian churches. He is also considered as the major saint.

St Peter Facts 2: the early life

If you want to know the early life of St Peter, you need to check the New Testament. It was stated that John or Jonah was the father of Peter. Andrew was the brother of Peter who also became an apostle. He was from Bethsaida village of Galilee province.

St Peter Facts

St Peter Facts

St Peter Facts 3: as an apostle

Jesus selected Saint Peter as his apostle during the first disciples. Peter was with Jesus when he saw the special events that could only be seen by the apostles. Actually Peter was a fisherman.

St Peter Facts 4: as a messiah

If you check the gospel tradition, it was stated that Peter told Jesus that he was the Messiah.

St Peter Pic

St Peter Pic

St Peter Facts 5: Christian tradition

Peter was crucified upside down under Emperor Nero Augustus Caesar based on the Christian Tradition. He chose the position because Peter believed that he was unworthy if he was crucified with the similar ways that Jesus had.  The crucified process occurred in Rome. Check facts about Saint Patrick’s Day here.

St Peter Facts 6: the site

Christian tradition was believed to the site where Peter was crucified.

St Peter Statue

St Peter Statue

St Peter Facts 7: the remains of St Peter

The people believe that the remains of Saint Peter is located underground Confession of St. Peter’s Basilica. This basilica is very famous in the world. It is located in Vatican within Rome. In 1968, there was an excavated discovery announced by Pope Paul VI.  The people found the Roman cemetery from the 1st century.  Get facts about Saint Peter’s Basilica here.

St Peter Facts 8: the statue

You can find papal vestments, rings of the fisherman, and a papal tiara located at the statue of Saint Peter in the basilica since 1726 on each June 29th.

St Peter

St Peter

St Peter Facts 9: the feast of Saint Peter and Paul

The decoration on the statue was used to celebrate the feast of Saint Peter and Paul.

St Peter Facts 10: Pope Francis

Pope Francis is considered as the direct papal successful of Saint Peter based on the Catholic doctrine.

St Peter's Basilica Art

St Peter’s Basilica Art

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