10 Interesting Heinrich Hertz Facts

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Heinrich Hertz facts are useful for those who want to get basic info about this famous man. There are different things that you may never know about him indeed. The more you learn about the facts is the more you can gain information about this person.

Heinrich Hertz Facts 1: birth

Heinrich Hertz was born in Hamburg. It was on 1857. It was the sovereign state of the German Confederation. He was born into a cultured and prosperous hanseatic family.

Heinrich Hertz Facts 2: father and mother

His father was Gustav Ferdinand Hertz. The original name was David Gustav Hertz. He actually was barrister and later he became senator. His mother was Anna Elisabeth Pfefferkorn.

Heinrich Hertz

Heinrich Hertz

Heinrich Hertz Facts 3: paternal grandfather and grandmother

His paternal grandfather was Heinrich David Hertz. He was a businessman. His paternal grandmother was Bertha who was the daughter of the banker from Cologne.

Heinrich Hertz Facts 4: meteorology

He always had the interest in meteorology. It was perhaps because of his contact with Wilhelm von Bezold. He didn’t contribute much to the filed by his own effort because he gained assistance especially to Helmholtz in Berlin.

Heinrich Hertz Bio

Heinrich Hertz Bio

Heinrich Hertz Facts 5: electrodynamics

It was in 1886-1889 when he published 2 articles which had become recognizable as the field of contact mechanics. He was well known in his contribution in the field of electrodynamics.

Heinrich Hertz Facts 6: Joseph Valentin Boussinesq

There was Joseph Valentin Boussinessq who had published some critical and important observations on the works of Hertz.  The work basically summarizes in how to do 2 axi-symmetric objects placed in contact.

Heinrich Hertz facts

Heinrich Hertz facts

Heinrich Hertz Facts 7: Maxwell’s theory

The most dramatic prediction was about the theory of Maxwell related to electromagnetism. It was published in 1865. It was the existence of electromagnetic waves moving at the speed of light.

Heinrich Hertz Facts 8:  Hertz antenna

It was in 1886 when he began his work and experiments in order to prove the theory of Maxwell.  Later, he developed Hertz antenna receiver. The antenna was the simplest practical antenna from the theoretical point of view.

Heinrich Hertz Image

Heinrich Hertz Image

Heinrich Hertz Facts 9: infection

Heinrich Hertz was diagnosed with infection in 1892. He underwent some operations in order to correct the illness. Later he died at the age of 36 in Bonn, Germany. He was buried in Hamburg actually.

Heinrich Hertz Facts 10: Lutheran

He was a Lutheran throughout his life. He never considered himself to be Jewish. The entire family was also a Lutheran converted in 1834.

Heinrich Hertz Pic

Heinrich Hertz Pic

The facts about Heinrich Hertz above are useful right for you? Those trivia can be used to trigger people to conduct study about Heinrich Hertz. There will be no problem related to it I bet. It only depends on you comprehension to learn more about it.

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