10 Interesting New Orleans Facts

Tuesday, August 26th 2014. | Cities

If you like to know about the history of New Orleans, you need to check New Orleans facts. Jean Baptiste Le Moyne established the city in 1718. The first community settled in New Orleans was very small. It was not more than a trading camp. They lived at the bank of Mississippi River. Find out the detail facts about New Orleans below:

New Orleans Facts 1: shape of the city

After the first settlement in New Orleans, the city was organized. It was made in a rectangular shape. Today people called it as French Quarter. If you visit the original streets in New Orleans, you can find many streets were named based on the nobility and royals of France.

New Orleans Facts 2: location of New Orleans

The inhabitants had to establish earth embankments and levees to protect the uprising of Mississippi river. You have to know that this city was filled with a lot of marshes and swamps.

New Orleans Climate

New Orleans Climate

New Orleans Facts 3: Crescent City

Crescent City is the nickname of la nouvelle Orleans. The name was derived from the shape of the city which flew on the river curve in the west north and east. It resembled the shape of a crescent.

New Orleans Facts 4: the sea level

New Orleans is located in the low sea elevation. Therefore people should be aware with flooding and water uprising. Therefore, you can find a lot of ground level basements in the old New Orleans. The main function is to drain the city. Every year, the rain can fall around 60 to 100 inches.

New Orleans Facts

New Orleans Facts

New Orleans Facts 5: the capital

New Orleans was established as the capital city of Louisiana French Colony. It was called as the state capital twice. Check facts about Louisiana here.

New Orleans Facts 6: the oldest college

New Orleans is the home of the oldest college of commerce in United State.  It is called as Tulane’s School of Business.

New Orleans Street

New Orleans Street

New Orleans Facts 7: Bayou Metairie

Bayou Metairie occurred in the past. Today, the remains of this Bayou Metairie are seen on Lagoons inside the City Park.  People who come to New Orleans can also enjoy the view of the bayous such as Bayou Bienvenue in Chalmette, Bayou Sauvage and Bayou St. John.

New Orleans Facts 8: the canals

You can find out many canals in New Orleans. The length of the canals located above or below the ground can be compared with the total length of the canals in Venice, Italy.

New Orleans Travel

New Orleans Travel

New Orleans Facts 9: Tipitina’s

Tipitina’s is called as the famous music club in New Orleans. The name of the club was the derived from a Professor Longhair song.

New Orleans Facts 10: St. Louis Cathedral

Visit The St. Louis Cathedral if you want to know the oldest operating cathedral in US.

New Orleans

New Orleans

If you visit Louisiana State Museum, you can see a death mask of face of Napoleon Bonaparte. Are you impressed with facts about New Orleans?

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