10 Interesting Manchester Facts

Tuesday, July 1st 2014. | Cities

Manchester Facts elaborate the ideas about one of the famous cities in Great Britain. This city is well known with its football club, Manchester United.  People will always want to sit down on the Old Trafford Stadium to enjoy the show of Manchester United. Lets’ find out more facts about Manchester below:

Manchester Facts 1: Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson is always associated with Manchester United. He was born on the last day in 1941. This man was famous as the coach of MU.

Manchester Facts 2: Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is occupied by 2.5 million people. The largest one from all 10 greater Manchester authorities is Manchester. It is the home to more than 500,000 people.

Manchester at Night

Manchester at Night

Manchester Facts 3: border

Let’s talk about the border of Manchester in England. It is bordered by Merseyside to the west, Lancashire to the north, West Yorkshire to the north east, Derbyshire to the south east and Cheshire to the south and south west.

Manchester Facts 4: rain

In a year, people have to experience 1 mm of rain fall on 143 days in the city of Manchester. You need to wear a coat and bring an umbrella when you go out of the room.

Manchester Bus

Manchester Bus

Manchester Facts 5: divorce because of football

It seems that the local people in Manchester really love their MU football club.  The unique case of divorce occurred in 1997 at Leamington Spa. Women called for divorce because of his husband obsession of football and MU.

Manchester Facts 6: Mummy Studies

Are you interested to have Mummy Studies as your major in the university? If you want to study this major in the university, you have to go to Manchester University. It is considered as the only university offering the students with such major. find out mummy facts here.

Manchester Facts

Manchester Facts

Manchester Facts 7: name of MU football club

MU was called Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club in the past. In 1902, it was changed into Manchester United.

Manchester Facts 8: Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester was officially created on 1 April 1974.  The ten boroughs, parts of Lancashire and Cheshire were united as a Greater Manchester.

Manchester Sign

Manchester Sign

Manchester Facts 9: employment

16 percent of the employment or jobs in Manchester are contributed from sport, culture, tourism and arts.

Manchester Facts 10: transportation

You can use train station as one of the most popular transportation. It is a home to 98 train stations.  If you want to travel by air, you can go to Manchester airport. It is considered as the third busiest one in United Kingdom.

Manchester United

Manchester United

There are six universities in Manchester. Those are University of Huddersfield Oldham Campus, University of Law, University of Manchester, University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Bolton. Are you fascinated with facts about Manchester?

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