10 Interesting Great Yarmouth Facts

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Let’s get to know more about England by scrutinizing the following Great Yarmouth facts. Great Yarmouth is mainly called with the name Yarmouth. This area is visited by many people all over the world because this coast town is wonderful. It is situated in Norfolk England. Find out more about the Great Yarmouth below:

Great Yarmouth Facts 1: the exact location

If you decide to visit the Great Yarmouth, ensure that you know the exact location. It is situated on 32 kilometer or 20 miles east of Norwich at the mouth of the River Yare.

Great Yarmouth Facts 2: gateway

Great Yarmouth is considered as the gateway from the Norfolk Broads.  Since 1760, Yarmouth is considered as a seaside resort.

Great Yarmouth Beach

Great Yarmouth Beach

Great Yarmouth Facts 3: a major fishing port

In the past, Great Yarmouth is widely known by the people as a major fishing port in the England. People loved to come here and enjoyed the herring fishery more than a hundred year. However, the decline of the fish makes this fishing port soon disappeared. People rarely come here for fishing now.

Great Yarmouth Facts 4: natural gas rigs

Great Yarmouth shifts its function from a valuable fishing port into the off shore natural gas rigs today.  People discovered the oil in the North Sea in 1960. Therefore, they began to search of oil in Great Yarmouth.

Great Yarmouth Beach

Great Yarmouth Beach

Great Yarmouth Facts 5: wind power

If you come to Great Yarmouth, you will be amazed with the wind power too. You can find out those 30 generators in a wind farm.

Great Yarmouth Facts 6: size of area

Great Yarmouth spans on the area of 8.3 square miles or 21.5 kilometer. Based on the census in 2002, it is estimated that this town is inhabited by 47,288 people.

Great Yarmouth Image

Great Yarmouth Image

Great Yarmouth Facts 7: hospital

Thomas Fastolfe was the first person established the first hospital in Great Yarmouth. It was in the era of Edward I.

Great Yarmouth Facts 8: school

The first school was created in 1551. It was a grammar school on the great hall of an old hospital. Since it had fund from the charity trustess, the school was closed from 1757 to 1860 for renovation.

Great Yarmouth Pic

Great Yarmouth Pic

Great Yarmouth Facts 9: port of Great Yarmouth

The communication of the ship and the people on the port can be done by using a shutter telegraph chain from 1808 to 1814.

Great Yarmouth Facts 10: An electric tramway system

This town also enjoys a high technology with an electric tramway system.  This system was in the town from 1902 to 1933.

Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth

The oldest civic building in Britain is located in Great Yarmouth. It is called the Tollhouse. It was created in the end of 13th century. Are you interested with facts about Great Yarmouth?

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