10 Interesting John Brown Facts

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Read the life and journey of the white American abolitionist in John Brown facts. John brown was against the slavery in United States even though he was a white man. He believed that the only thing to destroy the institution of slavery in US is the armed insurrection. Here are the interesting facts about John Brown:

John Brown Facts 1: forces to stops slavery

As I have stated before John Brown used the hard way to struggle against slavery in US. He was the commander in the Battle of Osawatomie and Battle of Black Jack in 1856. The discrimination of black people in US is explained in Jim Crow Laws.

John Brown Facts 2: date of birth

John Brown was brown on 9th May 1800 in Torrington, Connecticut. His father was Owen Brown and his mother was Ruth Mills. He was the fourth child of the 8 children in the family.

John Brown Facts

John Brown Facts

John Brown Facts 3: Capt. John Brown

John Brown family’s ancestry can be traced from the English Puritans in the 17th century. He was the grandson of the captain John Brown who lived from 1728 to 1776.

John Brown Facts 4: tannery

John Brown’s father, Owen Brown had a tannery located in Hudson, Ohio.  The tannery was opened in 1805. During his early stage, Owen Brown was the supporter of the Oberlin College.

John Brown Hanging

John Brown Hanging

John Brown Facts 5: preparatory program

When John Brown was 16 years old, he moved from the house to study the preparatory program in Plainfield, Massachusetts. Then he went to Morris Academy located in Litchfield, Connecticut.

John Brown Facts 6: Congregationalist minister

John Brown’s dream job as to become a Congregationalist minister. However, he had to give up because of the lack of money and eye inflammation. This condition forced him to move to Ohio.

John Brown Movie

John Brown Movie

John Brown Facts 7: work

When he moved back to his home, he worked in his father’s tannery. Then he and his adopted father created their own successful tannery.

John Brown Facts 8: Dianthe Lusk

John Brown married to Dianthe Lusk in 1820. 13 months after the marriage, both got their first child, name John Jr.  He and his small family moved to New Richmond, Pennsylvania where he opened a tannery there. He became one of the most successful people there.

John Brown Pic

John Brown Pic

John Brown Facts 9: terrible moment

Brown felt hopeless after one of his sons died in 1831. He also ended up in a debt. His wife and new born baby died in the delivery.

John Brown Facts 10: Mary Ann Day

Then he married again to Mary Ann Day. In total, he had 13 children.

John Brown

John Brown

Brown was against the slavery.  When he attacked the federal armory at Harpers Ferry in 1859, he was captured. In the trial, he was sentenced to death by hanging. Are you touched with facts about John Brown?

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