10 Interesting Willie Mays Facts

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Willie Mays Facts narrate the personal and professional life of the former American center fielder for MLB or Major League Baseball. “The Say Hey Kid” is his famous nickname. He was born on 6th May 1931 as Willie Howard Mays, Jr. He had played for three famous baseball clubs. The first one was with New York. Then he played for San Francisco Giants. In his final years of baseball career, he played for New York Mets.  He had 22 seasons in MLB.  During the first year of eligibility, he was placed at the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1979. Why don’t you read the whole post below for more information about Mays?

Willie Mays Facts 1: the impressive achievement

Mays had impressive achievement. He was the recipient for two MPV awards from National League.

Willie Mays Facts 2: the record

He became the winner for a record tying 12 Gold Glove awards. Moreover, he had scored 660 home runs during his career.

Facts about Willie Mays

Facts about Willie Mays

Willie Mays Facts 3: the most appearance

Mays, Stan Musial and Hank Aaron were considered as the baseball players who had the most appearance in All-Star Games. Check facts about Under Armour here.

Willie Mays Facts 4: the greatest all-around baseball player

Mays is often cited as the greatest all-around baseball player of all time according to expert analyses and surveys when they look at the relative performance of Mays on the field.

Willie Mays Facts

Willie Mays Facts

Willie Mays Facts 5: List of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players

In the List of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players of The Sporting News in 1999, Mays was ranked at the second position.

Willie Mays Facts 6: eight consecutive 100-RBI seasons

The players who have earned eight consecutive 100-RBI seasons are Albert Pujols, Sammy Sosa, Willie Mays, Chipper Jones and Mel Ott.

Willie Mays Pic

Willie Mays Pic

Willie Mays Facts 7: the final appearance

The final appearance of Mays in Major League Baseball was in World Series of 1973 during Game 3. It was held on 16th October 1973.

Willie Mays Facts 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Mays was located in Westfield, Alabama. Annie Satterwhite was his mother. His father was a baseball player for a Negro team. His name was Cat Mays. Look at facts about volleyballs here.

Willie Mays

Willie Mays

Willie Mays Facts 9: after retirement

Mays is still an active personality after he retired as a baseball player. He still appears in films and TV shows.

Willie Mays Facts 10: Mays in 2010

Mays has a biography with the title Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend, by James S. Hirsch. He discusses the biography and his career on The Daily Show on 10th February 2010.

Willie Mays 1954

Willie Mays 1954

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