10 Interesting Ernest Shackleton Facts

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Ernest Shackleton facts present the information about the famous polar explorer. This man was very inspirational. In his 136th birthday, Google has a Google Doodle on the search engine homepage which sport his name. Let’s read about him below:

Ernest Shackleton Facts 1: date of birth

Ernest was born on February 15th, 1874 in Kilkea, County Kildare Ireland. This Anglo Irish explorer was the second child of the ten children in the family.

Ernest Shackleton Facts 2: Restlessness

He got restlessness at school. Therefore, he could leave the school when he was 16 years old. He decided to go to the sea. Before when was on the sailing vessel, he took an apprenticeship.

Ernest Shackleton Facts

Ernest Shackleton Facts

Ernest Shackleton Facts 3: Master Marine

He got a certification of a Master Marine in 1898. It was a breakthrough for him since it made him qualified as the person to command any British ship everywhere in the part of the world.

Ernest Shackle ton Facts 4: National Antarctic Expedition’s ship Discovery

Llewellyn Long staff was impressed by Shackleton’s skill and ability. This financial banker then appointed him as the third office in the National Antarctic Expedition’s ship Discovery. The leader of this expedition was Sir Clements Markham.

Ernest Shackleton Image

Ernest Shackleton Image

Ernest Shackleton Facts 5: Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott selected Shackleton to escort him and Edward Wilson. All of them had the purpose to reach the highest latitude in the South Pole. They set on the south latitude of 80 degrees 17’ on November 2nd 1902.

Ernest Shackleton Facts 6: relief ship

The mission was full of risk. Schcleton had to follow the relief ship because he was suffered of scurvy, frostbite and snow blindness on February 4th 1903.

Ernest Shackleton Pic

Ernest Shackleton Pic

Ernest Shackleton Facts 7: politics

This explorer was involved in politics. He was taking part in the 1906 General Election for the Liberal Unionist in Dundee. However, it seems that politics was not his field.

Ernest Shackleton Facts 8: Great Southern Journey

Great Southern Journey or the Nimrod expedition was conducted by Shackleton and his partners. He could reach the farthest south latitude of 88 degrees 23’S. It was only 112 miles away from the South Pole.

Ernest Shackleton Ship

Ernest Shackleton Ship

Ernest Shackleton Facts 9: the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition

The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition is considered as the most terrifying expedition hold by Shackleton. The ship called Endurance trapped inside a pack of ice.

Ernest Shackleton Facts 10: death

On January 5th 1922, Shackleton passed away because of a fatal heart attack.



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