10 Interesting Kevin Rudd Facts

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If you want to know the 26th Australian prime minister, you need to read Kevin Rudd facts. Rudd was famous with his political act in Australia. He sat as the prime minister after his party won the general election. Here are the interesting facts about Kevin Rudd.

Kevin Rudd Facts 1: date of birth

Kevin Rudd was born on September 21st, 1957 in Nambour, Queensland. He is the member of Roman Catholic Church.

Kevin Rudd Facts 2: education

Let’s talk about the education of Kevin Rudd. He went to Eumundi Primary School, Marist Brothers College Ashgrove and  Nambour State High School for the early education. In 1981, he graduated with a BA Hons from the Australian National University.

kevin rudd Australia

kevin rudd Australia

Kevin Rudd Facts 3: employment

In 1988 to 1995, he worked at Queensland Public Service. He became a diplomat in 1981 to 1988. In 1996 to 1998, he became a consultant.

Kevin Rudd Facts 4: Kevin Rudd and Robert Menzies

The only first term prime ministers eliminated from the seat by their own party were Kevin Rudd and Robert Menzies. Rudd only served the office less than 3 years. Look at another PM of Australia in Julia Gillard facts.

kevin rudd facts

kevin rudd facts

Kevin Rudd Facts 5: Queensland

As I have stated before, Kevin Rudd was born in Queensland. It made him as the fourth prime minister in Australia who came from the town. Other prime ministers come from Queensland include Frank Forde, Arthur Fadden and Andrew Fisher.

Kevin Rudd Facts 6: age

When Kevin Rudd was appointed as the Australian prime minister, he was 50 years old. It made him ranked in the fifth position of the youngest prime minister in Australia.

kevin rudd Image

kevin rudd Image

Kevin Rudd Facts 7: Mary Wade

Talking about Kevin Rudd’s family, public know that he was the descendant of Mary Wade, a convict.  At the age of 11 years old, she was sent to New South Wales in 1789.

Kevin Rudd Facts 8:  Thérèse Rein

Thérèse Rein is the wife of Kevin Rudd. She was considered as the third prime minister wife who obtained a university degree. The first two wives of prime minister were Bettina Gorton and Margaret Whitlam.

kevin rudd Pic

kevin rudd Pic

Kevin Rudd Facts 9: early life

Are you curious with the early life of Kevin Rudd?  He spent his childhood time at a dairy farm at Eumundi. It is located on the Sunshine Coast. Kevin Rudd was the youngest child in the family.

Kevin Rudd Facts 10: children

Kevin Rudd had three children with Teresa. They are Marcus, Nicholas and Jessica.

kevin rudd

kevin rudd

People call Kevin Russ as Dr Death. This is a politician name for him after he restructured and cut back Queensland. Do you have any ideas on facts about Kevin Rudd?

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