10 Interesting Macedonia Facts

Thursday, June 26th 2014. | Countries

If you are interested to learn one of the independent Yugoslavia territories, you need to read Macedonia facts. This country can get the independence peacefully. There is no blood that people have to spend to get the freedom. Here are the interesting facts about Macedonia for you:

Macedonia Facts 1: flag

It is a surprising fact to know that in 2012, the world Almanac’s editors voted the flag of Macedonia as the second best flag in the world. The first place of the flag was taken by Bhutan. The third place was taken by Kiribati. Find out Kiribati facts here.

Macedonia Facts 2: wireless broadband

The people living in Macedonia must be proud to have the full access of wireless broadband. It is called as the first country which has such as service.

Macedonia Beach

Macedonia Beach

Macedonia Facts 3: Horrid Literary School

Ohrid Literary School is called as the first Slavic school. Saint Clement of Ohrid establishes the first school in Macedonia.

Macedonia Facts 4: Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is very famous in India due to her charitable world. Actually she was born in Macedonia in Üsküb. It is called Skopje today.

Macedonia Beauty

Macedonia Beauty

Macedonia Facts 5: Macedonian opium

Do you know that the opium from Macedonia is the best one in the world? It has 14 morphine units. Let’s compare the morphine unit for Macedonia with other countries. China has 8, while India has 7.

Macedonia Facts 6: diverse ethnicity

Macedonia is the home of various ethics.  It inspires people to create Macedonian salad. It is created by mixing diced fruits or veggies. The salad is very popular in Latin America, Spain, Italy and France.

Macedonia Facts

Macedonia Facts

Macedonia Facts 7: sidewalks

If you look at the sidewalk along Macedonia, you can barely see people walking there. The main purpose of the sidewalk is not for walking but for parking.

Macedonia Facts 8: denar

Denar is the Macedonia currency. You will never see any fractional denomination by using denar.

Macedonia Tourism

Macedonia Tourism

Macedonia Facts 9: borders

The country declares the independence from Yugoslavia on September 8, 1991.  Macedonia is bordered by Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria. It is landlocked country in European continent.

Macedonia Facts 10: language

Talking about the language, Macedonia has its own language. It is called Macedonian. Most people in the country speak it at home.

Macedonia Pic

Macedonia Pic

In 1998, Macedonia joined the Eurovision Song contest for the first time. Till today, it has not won the contest. Are you satisfied with facts about Macedonia?

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