10 Interesting the Old Testament Facts

Friday, September 16th 2016. | Religion

Find out the first section in Christian Bible on The Old Testament Facts. Ancient Israelites created this collection of the religious writings. That’s why the Old Testament is written based on the Hebrew Bible. The Old Testament receives the status as the sacred word of God based on the beliefs of Jews and Christians. Check other interesting facts about the Old Testament by reading the following post below:

The Old Testament Facts 1: the counterpart of The Old Testament

The New Testament is considered as the counterpart of The Old Testament. The former one is considered as the 2nd portion of the Christian Bible.

The Old Testament Facts 2: the variety of The Old Testament

The Christian Churches may have different version of The Old Testament. The Old Testament which consists of 49 books is applied by the Oriental Orthodox Churches, Eastern Orthodox, and Catholic Churches. The Old Testament with 39 books is practiced by Protestants.

facts about the old testament

facts about the old testament

The Old Testament Facts 3: the authors

There were many authors who wrote, edited and compiled The Old Testament in centuries of time.

The Old Testament Facts 4: the sections of The Old Testament

There are several sections in The Old Testament. The Torah is found on the first five books. It is followed by the history books, the poetic and wisdom books, and the biblical prophet books.  Look at facts about Moses here.

the old testament facts

the old testament facts

The Old Testament Facts 5: the history books

If you are interested to know the history of Israelites, check the history books in The Old Testament. It will tell how the Israelites are exiled and defeated in Babylon as well as their conquest of Canaan.

The Old Testament Facts 6: the poetic and wisdom books

You will know the questions related to the good and evil by checking the poetic and wisdom books in The Old Testament.

the old testament pictures

the old testament pictures

The Old Testament Facts 7: the books of the biblical prophets

The followers are warned with the consequences of tuning away from God by checking the book of the biblical prophets of The Old Testament.

The Old Testament Facts 8: the modern editions of the Bible

The modern versions of the Bible feature the table which employs the names and spellings. It can be seen in English Standard Version and Revised Standard Version.

Old Testament

Old Testament

The Old Testament Facts 9: the content of the first five books

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, book of Numbers and Deuteronomy are the contents of the first five books in The Old Testament.  Check facts about the Catholic Church here.

The Old Testament Facts 10: Books of Maccabees

In the second and first centuries BC, Books of Maccabees were written.  The Orthodox Old Testament has four books, while the Catholic Old Testament has two.

the old testament pic

the old testament pic

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