10 Interesting The Quran Facts

Friday, September 30th 2016. | Religion

The Quran Facts tell you about the primary religious text for Muslims. It is considered as the revelation of God according to Islam. Sura is a term used to call the chapter in the Quran. The ayah is a term to call the verse. It is written in Arabic language. The people consider it as the finest piece of Arabic literature. Here are other facts about the Quran to learn:

The Quran Facts 1: the revelation of God

The Muslims believed that God verbally revealed the Quran through angle Gabriel to Muhammad.

The Quran Facts 2: the period of revelation

The period of revelation of God to Muhammad took 23 years. On 22 December 609 CE, the first revelation began. It was completed in 632 when Muhammad passed away. He was 40 years old when receiving the first revelation.

facts about the quran

facts about the quran

The Quran Facts 3: the proof of his prophethood

The proof of the prophethood of Muhammad is seen from the presence of the Quran. The divine message of the Quran was ended to Muhammad and was started from Adam.

The Quran Facts 4: the writing of the Quran

The companions of Muhammad were the persons who wrote the Quran shortly after his death. The Caliph Uthman tried to create a standard version of the Quran due to the differences on the codices. It was called Uthman’s codex. It became the foundation of the Quran that the Muslims have today.

the quran facts

the quran facts

The Quran Facts 5: the interpretation of sharia law

The interpretation of sharia law is often conducted by having the Quran along with the hadith.

The Quran Facts 6: the Quran during prayers

Arabic is the only language used to recite the Quran during the prayers. Tajwid is called as the elocution when reading the verse or Quranic ayah. A hafiz is a person who has memorized all contents of the Quran.

the quran pic

the quran pic

The Quran Facts 7: tafsir

Tafsir is read by the Muslims who want to know the meaning of a certain Quranic ayah.

The Quran Facts 8: the month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is one of the important months for the Muslims to do various religious activities. One of them is having the complete recitation of Quran. Get facts about Islam here.

the quran pictures

the quran pictures

The Quran Facts 9: the Cave of Hira

The Cave of Hira was the site where Muhammad had the first revelation from God.  Get facts about the Kaaba here.

The Quran Facts 10: the recorded Quran

The bones and tablets were used to record the Quran before it is written in a book.

the quran

the quran

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