10 Interesting Sikhism Facts

Tuesday, July 21st 2015. | Religion

Let’s find out Sikhism Facts if you are interested to know the religion established in Punjab region in 15th century. Guru Nanak was the founder of this religion. The religion is embraced by around 30 million people in the world. There is no need to wonder that it is considered as the fifth largest organized religion in the world. Check more interesting facts about Sikhism in the below post:

Sikhism Facts 1: the Sikh population

The highest Sikh population in the world is in Punjab, India.  You can call the students or disciples of Sishima as the Sikhs. Get facts about India here.

Sikhism Facts 2: Guru Nanak

The first Guru in Sikhism was Guru Nanak. He created the Langar system. It is used to call the communal kitchen which is used to create equality in all people and to show the importance of sharing with others.



Sikhism Facts 3: the life in Sikhism

Sikhism believes that the secular life and spiritual life are related to each other. He encouraged the adherents to focus the life on self control, fidelity, truthfulness and purity. He believed in practical, creative and active life.

Sikhism Facts 4: honesty

Honesty is one of the important characters that the adherents of Sikhism should apply in their lifestyle. The people have to remember the God in their life.

Sikhism History

Sikhism History

Sikhism Facts 5: The ninth Guru

The views of Sikhism are elaborated by the other Guru. Tegh Bahadhur was the ninth Sikh Guru who believed that Bhakti and Shakti should be owned by the ideal Sikh. The former one is used to describe the spiritual meditative qualities, while the former one is used to describe the power in the temporal.

Sikhism Facts 6: the 6th Sikh Guru

The 6th Sikh Guru was Guru Hargobind. He believed that Piri and Miri are interrelated each other. Piri is the spiritual realm, while Miri is the temporal or political realm.

Sikhism Facts

Sikhism Facts

Sikhism Facts 7: Gobind Singh

Gobind Singh was the 10th Sikh Guru. In 1699, he established the baptized Saint Soldier of the Khalsa concept in Anandpur Sahib. He believed that the Sikhs should have the saint soldier qualities.

Sikhism Facts 8: the discrimination

If you check Sikhism, it rejects the gender, creed and caste discrimination. This religion promotes equality between people.

Sikhism Concept

Sikhism Concept

Sikhism Facts 9: the God concept

The God in Sikhism concept is not able to be seen with physical eyes because the god is sightless, timeless and shapeless. Get facts about Shiva to know the God in Hinduism .

Sikhism Facts 10: the sacred shrine

One of the sacred shrines for Sikhs is the Golden Temple or The Harimandir Sahib.

Sikhism and Children

Sikhism and Children

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