10 Interesting Taoism Facts

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One of the famous religious traditions or philosophies in China is explained on Taoism Facts.  The people sometimes call it Daoism. It is one of the important philosophies created in China. The people who believe and practice Taoism or Daoism focus on the life of harmony. If you want to know more about Taoism, check the following post below:

Taoism Facts 1: the term Tao

Do you know the meaning of Tao? You can translate it into principle, path or way. Some people practice Taoism as a philosophy, while others practice it as a religion.

Taoism Facts 2: Taoism as a religion

In various Asian countries, Taoism is considered as a religion. It is not a theist theology. However, in some parts of the communities, Laozi is worshiped by the people. The people believe that Laozi established the religion. The formlessness of Tao was considered as the emphasis of the Taoism philosophy.

Facts about Taoism

Facts about Taoism

Taoism Facts 3: the influence

The establishment and development of Taoism was influenced by the presence of the I Ching and Ying Yang belief. The former one was one of the oldest texts created in ancient China.

Taoism Facts 4: Tao Te Ching

If you want to know the book which collected the teaching of Laozi, you need to read Tao Te Ching. It was very important for the people who want to know more about Taoism.

Taoism Facts

Taoism Facts

Taoism Facts 5: the ethics and propriety

Let’s find out the ethics or propriety of Taoism. Each school of Taoism practices both differently. But in general, the schools focus on the wu-wei. It means action through non action.  There are three treasures emphasize here such as humility, moderation and compassion. It also focuses on the spontaneity, simplicity and naturalness.

Taoism Facts 6: Taoism in China

Taoism is very important in China. It has influenced the country for more than centuries. It also influenced the communities in Asia.



Taoism Facts 7: the Daozang

The Daozang was published due to the request of the emperor. It was a compilation of Taoism work. Even though it was very important, it was not used as a state religion. The favor on the religion dropped after 17th century.

Taoism Facts 8: Taoism today

Today, Taoism is considered as one of the official religions in the country. There are some people who live in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong who practice the religion.

Taoism Pic

Taoism Pic

Taoism Facts 9: the four components of Taoism

The four components of Taoism based on the identification of Robinet include philosophical Taoism, the methods to achieve ecstasy, the practices to achieve immortality and exorcism.

Taoism Facts 10: Qing Dynasty

Taoism was less favored during the Qing Dynasty. The Confucian classics were more favorable.

Taoism Symbols

Taoism Symbols

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