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Monk Facts present the detail facts about the life of medieval monks. There are three vows that the monks followed during the medieval era. Those were the vow of poverty, chastity and obedience. Let’s get more facts about monk by reading the following post below:

Monk Facts 1: life of medieval monks

Let’s find out the life of medieval monks. They chose to live inside a medieval monastery with strict disciplines and routines. They wanted live with good virtues. Check medieval history facts here.

Monk Facts 2: activities of medieval monks

Can you mention the activities of medieval monks? They would do the manual labor, reading and worship to God.  They used the hours to hold a private prayer, read bible, attend church and perform meditation.

Monk Facts

Monk Facts

Monk Facts 3: working on the land

Besides doing the religious activities, the monks also worked hard on the lands. In the monastery, they cooked and washed. They worked on the lands to fulfill the supply of grain, fruits and veggies.

Monk Facts 4: jobs of monks

There were some important jobs that the medieval monks should do such as providing education for the novices and boys, copying the manuscripts of some classic writers, providing medical care, producing ale, honey and wine, and giving hospitality of the pilgrims.

Monk in Medieval Era

Monk in Medieval Era

Monk Facts 5: cantor and abbot

The head of an abbey is called as Abbot. The monk who had the job as the leader of a choir is called as a cantor.

Monk Facts 6: cellaler

The general provisioning in the monastery was lead by a cellaler.

Monk Jobs

Monk Jobs

Monk Facts 7: other types of monks

There are many other types of monks in the monastery such as barber surgeon, almoner, sacrist, infirmarian, and prior.

Monk Facts 8: the hours

The hours are very important to define the life of the monks in the monastery. The main prayer book that the monks read was the Book of Hours. It contained eight sections. They had to read it at particular time.

Monk Pic

Monk Pic

Monk Facts 9: section of the books of hours

Some sections that you can find on the book of hours include hymns, psalms, prayers, and other readings. The main purpose for this reading on the book of hours was to give salvation on the monks.

Monk Facts 10: the daily prayers

The daily prayers that the monks should do in the monastery were Sext, Nones, Prime, Terce, Compline Vespers, Matins, and Lauds.



The 6 am service was called Prime, while the early morning service at 5 am was Lauds. Do you want to say something on facts about monk?

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