10 Interesting Mount Fuji Facts

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If you want to learn about the most famous mountain in Japan, you have to read Mount Fuji Facts. This mountain is an active volcano. It comes in the shape of cone and has the height of more than 12,388 feet. Find out more facts about Mount Fuji here:

Mount Fuji Facts 1: the last eruption

Many people believe that the last eruption of Mount Fuji happened in 1707 or 300 years ago. In the past, only men were allowed to make an ascent to Mount Fuji. But since 1912, women have not forbidden to climb the mountain.

Mount Fuji Facts 2: three separate volcanoes

There are three separate volcanoes which make up Mount Fuji. At the top, you can see Fuji. The middle part is called Kofuji. The bottom volcano is Komitake.

Mount Fuji Climbing

Mount Fuji Climbing

Mount Fuji Facts 3: name

The mountain is called Mount Fuji for many years. The name Fuji actually was taken from the Buddhist God of Fire. He was Fuchi.

Mount Fuji Facts 4: the climbing

The first person who limited Mount Fuji with an anonymous Buddhist monk. If you are interested to climb the mountain, you can go here in July or August. You have to be prepared with the rough condition in Mount Fuji.  The temperature can come below –35 degree Celsius.

Mount Fuji Facts

Mount Fuji Facts

Mount Fuji Facts 5: lakes

There are five beautiful lakes that you can view in the vicinity of Mount Fuji. Those are Shojiko, Yamanakako, Kawaguchiko, Mtoosuko and Saiko.

Mount Fuji Facts 6: Three Holy Mountains of Japan

Mount Fuji is included as one of Three Holy Mountains of Japan. The other two holy mountains are Mount Haku and Mount Tate. Mount Fuji is believed to the gateway to other world.

Mount Fuji Japan

Mount Fuji Japan

Mount Fuji Facts 7: location

Let’s find out the location of Mount Fuji. You just have to come to Chubu region near the Pacific Coast of Honshu to reach the famous mountain. It is located around 100 km or 63 miles from the capital city of Japan, Tokyo.

Mount Fuji Facts 8: formation

The formation of Mount Fuji is expected to happen around 600,000 years ago. The mountain that you can see today is actually formation from some eruptions in the past.

Mount Fuji Visitors

Mount Fuji Visitors

Mount Fuji Facts 9: Mount Fuji shape

The shape of Mount Fuji is unique since it features the symmetrical shape. Therefore, the shape of this mountain is so attractive if you see it at distance. It has the diameter of 25 to 30 mi. The circumference is 78 mi.

Mount Fuji Facts 10: Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

If you visit Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, you can see Mount Fuji since it is a part of the park.   The national park was created on 2 February 1936 in the area of 474 square miles. Check Japan facts here.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji

There are a lot of attractions that you can see on the mountain such as Izu Peninsula, Hakone region and Izu Island. What do you think on facts about Mount Fuji?

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