10 Interesting Space Needle Facts

Friday, June 28th 2013. | Places

Space Needle facts present the interesting info about the Seattle’s iconic building.  The top of the Space Needle stands Aircraft Warning Beacon. It has the height around 605 feet.  The observation deck comes in 520 feet. There are many areas in Space Needle that you can visit such as SpaceBase Retail Shop and Pavilion entrance. Both are located on the ground level. Skyline Banquet Facility, Revolving Sky City Restaurant, and SkyLine are some nice places to visit in Space Needle. Here are the fascinating facts:

Space Needle Facts 1: Observation Deck

Many kids and parents enjoy the observation deck. It serves you with a lot of facilities to observe. From the bottom area or the top basement of the deck, there are 848 steps.

Space Needle Facts 2: The Tallest Building

Even though it is not the tallest building in US, this structure is considered as the tallest one in west side of Mississippi River. This building was created in 1962. It is located in Seattle. In 1961, the city of Seattle sold the building to investors in the value of $75,000.

Space Needle at Night

Space Needle at Night

Space Needle Facts 3: Space Needle Saucer

Many believe that the saucer rotates. It is not true. The one which rotates is the 14-foot ring. It is located near to the window. The ring will rotate to the Sky City restaurant. If you want to visit another place, look at Disney World facts here.

Space Needle Facts 4: SkyLine

Another interesting structure to visit in Space Needle is the SkyLine. It has the height around 100 feet. It was constructed in 1982.

Space Needle Facts

Space Needle Facts

Space Needle Facts 5: Nickname

Space Needle is not the original name of this building. Its original name was The Space Cage. The restaurant in the Space Needle was called Eye of the Needle.

Space Needle Facts 6: Space Needle Elevators

Space Needle elevators are heavy. It is reported that weight of the elevators is around 14,000 pounds. They can carry the weight up to 4,500 pounds. It means that each elevator in Space can be used to accommodate 25 visitors.

Space Needle Seattle

Space Needle Seattle

Space Needle Facts 7: Bill Gates

When Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft was 11 years old, he could win a dinner by memorizing the Sermon on the Mount in this Space Needle restaurant.

Space Needle Facts 8: Hoge Sullivan

Hoge Sullivan was the first manager in Space Needle. This man hated height. If you want challenging place to visit, read Niagara Waterfalls facts.

Space Needle Zoom

Space Needle Zoom

Space Needle Facts 9: Parachute Jumping

There were 6 parachutes jumping from the top of Space Needle. The four of them were parts of the Space Needle promotion. The remaining two were unauthorized performance.

Space Needle Facts 10: Fife

Space Needle is a unique structure. The city of Fife located in Washington offered $1 million to have this building moved to their city.

Space Needle

Space Needle

The cash involved in the renovation of this building is high. In 2000, it needed the total $20 million to make Space Needle look new and strong. The construction makes the exterior lighting, painting, and restaurant fresh. Do you have any more information on facts about space needle?

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