10 Interesting Grand Canyon Facts

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If you always fascinate with the landmark in US, you need to read the whole Grand Canyon facts. Grand Canyon is a nice attraction for the people who visit US. This natural landmark is unbeatable. It becomes one of the greatest natural icons in US. It will be disappointing if you come to US and you do not go Grand Canyon. Let me tell you more facts about Grand Canyon here.

Grand Canyon Facts 1: Location

Can you tell me the location of Grand Canyon? You just have to go to Arizona State to see this magnificent nature.

Grand Canyon Facts 2: Natural Landmark

Because of its majestic shape, many people include it as one of the seven wonders of natural world. You can the wonderful shapes of rocks. See another attraction in Rocky Mountain facts.

Grand Canyon Facts

Grand Canyon Facts

Grand Canyon Facts 3: Length

The widest point in Grand Canyon is measured around 29 km or 18 miles. The canyon has the length around 446 kilometers or 277 miles.

Grand Canyon Facts 4: The Narrowest Point

The narrowest point in Grand Canyon is measured around 6.4 kilometer or 4 miles. What about the depth in Grand Canyon? It is measured around 1800 meters or 6000 feet.

Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon Facts 5: River

The river passing Grand Canyon is Colorado River. For more than million years, Colorado River has caused the erosion on the steep of Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Facts 6: Geological Research

Grand Canyon is a great site for geological research. The people who study about earth or rocks can do it here. There are many types of visible rocks that you can learn when visiting the site.

Grand Canyon Pic

Grand Canyon Pic

Grand Canyon Facts 7: Bottom Rocks

Most rocks found in Grand Canyon have been here for million years. The rocks that you can see on the bottom part of Grand Canyon have the age around 2 billion years. The name for the rocks is schist.

Grand Canyon Facts 8: Upper Rim Rock

On the upper rim, you can find the rock of limestone. It has been there for about 230 million years. Grand Canyon is the place of living for the ancient Native American Indians. They lived here for thousand years.

Grand Canyon Scene

Grand Canyon Scene

Grand Canyon Facts 9: John Wesley Powell

The first expedition down to Grand Canyon was led by John Wesley Powell in 1869.  In the past, this natural rock formation was called as Great canyon or big canyon. John Wesley Powell renamed it Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Facts 10: National Park

Visiting Grand Canyon with family will be a wonderful tour. You just have to go to the Grand Canyon National Park.  It became a national park in 1919. It is considered as the 17th national park in US. Another park is explained in Yellowstone National Park facts.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The visitors can do many things when they visit Grand Canyon. You can go some popular activities such as rafting, sightseeing and hiking. If you want to have an overnight camping in Grand Canyon, you need to ask permission from the Blackcountry Office. Please tell me more on facts about Grand Canyon!

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