10 Interesting Hampton Court Palace Facts

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Hampton Court Palace facts become the top searched information on the internet. It is the interesting royal palace within London. If you want to visit the palace, you need to read the facts here before. It will help you to get better knowledge about the palace.

Hampton Court Palace Facts 1: location

First fact is about the location. It is true Hampton Court Palace is located in London borough of Richmond. In the past, such palace had gained advantage as the manor house of royal people. Nowadays, it becomes the vacation destination.

Hampton Court Palace Facts 2: building plan

There are three people who had the role in building the palace. They are Cardinal Wolsey, political confidant, and also Henry VIII. It was in 1514. They began building it after receiving the manor house. This information is very useful right?

Hampton Court Palace  facts

Hampton Court Palace facts

Hampton Court Palace Facts 3: King’s order

There is a fact that Wolsey had taken order from the King to take the Hampton Court Palace for the sake of himself. It means, Wolsey was the people who were considered to be lucky and reliable.

Hampton Court Palace Facts 4: two palaces

You should know that it is made from two palaces. Those two palaces refer to one building actually. The original palace was built by Henry VIII. Later, addition design was built by Christopher Wren.

Hampton Court Palace interior

Hampton Court Palace interior

Hampton Court Palace Facts 5: Henry’s Reign

During the reign of King Henry, there were both features of tennis courts and also bowling alleys. There was also lavish garden. You can also found a kitchen having the size of 36,000 sq. foot.

Hampton Court Palace Facts 6: Stuart Reign

During the reign of Stuart, the Longford River was dug. Nowadays, the river still supplies the fountains of the garden up to now.

Hampton Court Palace from the top

Hampton Court Palace from the top

Hampton Court Palace Facts 7: Charles I

The palace had become the eyewitness of Charles I deposition. He was held as prisoner there for approximately 3 months. Although he could escape, he was executed later.

Hampton Court Palace Facts 8:  George II

It is true that this palace had become the residents of monarch family. The last monarch who reside the palace is George II.

Hampton Court Palace Look

Hampton Court Palace Look

Country Music Facts 9: open for public

When is the time for the palace to come in public? It was in the year 1838. The one who opened it for public was Queen Victoria.

Country Music Facts 10: the garden

Another fact is the garden of the palace. The feature of the garden was commissioned by William III. It was in the year 1690s.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Those facts about Country Music can become your information to visit the palace. It will be the preparation for any of you to visit it.

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