10 Interesting Lanzarote Facts

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014. | Places

Check Lanzarote facts if you want to know one of the most popular Canary Islands. Have you ever gone to Lanzarote?  If you have not visited this place, you need to do it this year. The attraction is famous with sandy beaches, mild weather, lunar landscape and unique view. Here are the interesting facts about Lanzarote for you?

Lanzarote Facts 1: size

Lanzarote is a part of the Canary Islands. Based on the size, it is ranked as the fourth largest island there. Check another interesting island in Galapagos Island facts.

Lanzarote Facts 2: violent volcanic eruptions

The volcanic activity in Lanzarote should make you aware. There were various violent volcanic eruptions occurred in 1700s. The eruptions make the island bigger from time to time because of the deposit of cooled lava. Even though it is the most volcanic island, the area is not really mountainous.

lanzarote Beach

lanzarote Beach

Lanzarote Facts 3: Moja

Moja is called as the first inhabitant in Lanzarote. The first settlers came to Lanzarote round 5 BC. They were originated from Africa.

Lanzarote Facts 4: food

If you visit Lanzarote, you need to eat the famous local food. You can order Tapas or Mojo Potatoes.  If you order Mojo Potatoes, you will be served with small naked potatoes filed with green and red sauces. It is very delicious.

lanzarote facts

lanzarote facts

Lanzarote Facts 5: National Park

Lanzarote has a national park. It is called Timanfaya. This area serves you with the unique view of the geometric activity in the island.

Lanzarote Facts 6: Theme Park

If the national park does not make you satisfied, you can go to the famous theme park in Lanzarote. It is called The Racho Texas Park. This park is very famous for the family who want to enjoy quality time.

lanzarote Island

lanzarote Island

Lanzarote Facts 7: Activities

There are many kinds of activities that you can do with your family in Lanzarote. Many people like to enjoy water sport activities on the northern side of the island. People are served strong winds here.

Lanzarote Facts 8: three smaller islands

There are three smallest islands around Lanzarote. You can visit Alegranza, Montana and Clara.

lanzarote tour

lanzarote tour

Lanzarote Facts 9: the oldest island

In the Canary Island, Lanzarote is considered as the oldest island. It is around 180 million years old now. If you want to know the youngest canary island, it is the El Hiero with the age of 750,000 thousand years.

Lanzarote Facts 10: The Jardim de Cactus

The Jardim de Cactus is the famous floral in Lanzarote. It is a type of a cactus garden.



You can also visit a wine making in Lanzarote. The famous location is in La Geria Region. Are you interested reading facts about Lanzarote?

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