10 Interesting Dublin Ireland Facts

Friday, January 3rd 2014. | Cities

Get Dublin Ireland facts by reading the article below. When people have a New Year vacation, they can go to Dublin for a different look. Sometimes people get bored with beaches in Bali, Cuba or Maldives if they have gone to those places many times. Now enjoy the vacation in Dublin for a different experience.

Dublin Ireland Facts 1: the famous black pint

Dublin is famous as the producer of the black pint. This pint has been used widespread all over the world. Each day, the city can generate 10 million glasses of Guinness.

Dublin Ireland Facts 2: foreign visitors

As I have stated before, Dublin is also a popular destination for the foreign tourists. In 2004, the statistics stated that there were 3.65 million foreign visitors came in Dublin.

Dublin Ireland Castle

Dublin Ireland Castle

Dublin Ireland Facts 3: Choir School

In 1432, Choir School was established in Stain Patrick Cathedral in Dublin.  It means that the school was founded by the Dublin people 60 years before Columbus stepped his feet on America.

Dublin Ireland Facts 4: population

More than 48 percent of the people living in Dublin are in the age less than 35 years old.

Dublin Ireland facts

Dublin Ireland facts

Dublin Ireland Facts 5: golf courses

It seems that the local people in Dublin really love to play golf. If you visit the city and county in Dublin, don’t be surprised if you find more than 50 golf courses here.

Dublin Ireland Facts 6: Phoenix Park Dublin

If you want to enjoy the largest city park in Europe, you can visit Phoenix Park Dublin. You will be served with a lot of places to hang out with family and friends here. Enjoy the good view with green scene.

Dublin Ireland Vacation

Dublin Ireland Vacation

Dublin Ireland Facts 7: name

The original name of Dublin was Dubh Linn. It was the name derived from The Black Pool. The location of the Black pool is on the Dublin Castle garden. Find out the place if you like to enjoy a beautiful garden in the city.

Dublin Ireland Facts 8: Irish Parliament

In 1801, when the Irish and British governments were united in London, the Irish Parliament stated that the parliament was not existed any more.  This event only occurred in Ireland.

Dublin Ireland

Dublin Ireland

Dublin Ireland Facts 9: St. Valentine

If you visit the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church located in Aungier Stree of Dublin, you can see St. Valentine.

Dublin Ireland Facts 10: George Bernard Shaw

One of the most famous persons from Dublin is George Bernard Shaw. This man gained his fame from his play Pygmalion. In this case, he took home an academy award and Nobel Prize.



The first maternity hospital in Europe is located in Dublin. It is called as the Rotunda Hospital. Are you fascinated with facts about Dublin Ireland?

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