10 Interesting Annelid Facts

Wednesday, October 29th 2014. | Animals

If you to know the animals included as a member in the phylum Annelid, you need to check out Annelid Facts. In Latin, Annelid means a little ring. Annelid is characterized with the lacking backbones. This invertebrate is unique.  Actually there are more than 2,700 different species of earthworms in the world. Check out the detail facts about Annelid below:

Annelid Facts 1: the size of annelid worm

Can you guess the size of an annelid?   It has the length less than 0.5 inch. But you can find the longest one more than 22 feet. If you check out one of the giant adult annelids, it can come in 54 inch length.

Annelid Facts 2: segmentation

Annelid’s body is characterized with the segmentation all over the body.  The body is divided into three regions.   You can call them segments. You can find internal septa on each segment of Annelid’s body.   The fluid filled cavity is available in the septa.

Annelid Facts

Annelid Facts

Annelid Facts 3: colors

Annelid has various interesting colors. You can spot the animals in pink, red, brown, green or even blue color.

Annelid Facts 4: examples of annelid

If you come to United Kingdom, you can sport the green earthworm species.  The people who want to spot the bluish colored earthworms can see them in Philippines. Get facts about Flatworm here.

Annelid Pic

Annelid Pic

Annelid Facts 5: eggs

The weather decides the hatching time of annelid’s eggs.  In the cold weather, the eggs will hatch in three months.  The Annelids have to wait for two weeks in warm weather. The eggs will be placed in a hard and tiny cocoon.

Annelid Facts 6: chemoreceptors

Chemoreceptors cover the body of earthworms. It is used to taste the food and sense chemicals in the soil.

Annelid Pictures

Annelid Pictures

Annelid Facts 7: one acre of land

You can find out 1 million earthworms in one acre of land. One of the scientists who liked to study earthworms was Charles Darwin. He did it for more than 39 years.

Annelid Facts 8: the important creature

One of the most important creatures in the world is Annelid.  This animal is used to aerate the soil and dig through it. Therefore, the land is fertile if it contains earthworms.

Annelid Types

Annelid Types

Annelid Facts 9: skeleton

Annelid is a unique animal. You will find no legs or even hard skeleton on the body

Annelid Facts 10: types of annelids

There are three types of annelid that you can find out. Those include polychaetes, leeches and earthworms.



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