10 Interesting Iceberg Facts

Friday, April 4th 2014. | Earth

Iceberg facts give you the interesting type of earth in the world. The earth contains the land, water and cie. You can find ice on the North or South Pole.  The ice makes you really cold. You can see that the ice on the North or South Pole is the place where the polar bear and other animals live. Find out more about iceberg in the following post bellow:

Iceberg Facts 1: Greenland

If you want to see fascinating scenery of iceberg in irregular shape, you can go to the North Atlantic and Greenland.  Most icebergs in these areas have peak. They can come in steep side with tabular shape.

Iceberg Facts 2: floating ice

If you visit the continent of Antarctica, you need to be careful because 100 percent of the area consists of the floating ice shelves.

Iceberg Definition

Iceberg Definition

Iceberg Facts 3: length

It is a common view to see the 80 km long calved iceberg in Antarctic. It usually is a part of the ice shelves in the continent.

Iceberg Facts 4: desert

You are wrong if you think that Antarctica is not a desert. Actuality this area is a desert because it rarely receives rain.

Iceberg Facts

Iceberg Facts

Iceberg Facts 5: the melting iceberg

The melting iceberg on the Antarctic will make human being suffered a lot. It can raise the sea level more than 60 meter.

Iceberg Facts 6: pure water

If you want to know the look of pure ware, you can see iceberg in Antarctica and other places. The material to create ice berg is from the pure fresh water.

Iceberg Image

Iceberg Image

Iceberg Facts 7: name

Do you know the origin of the word iceberg? It is derived from the Dutch word, ijsberg.  The word in English means Ice Mountain.

Iceberg Facts 8: mixing iceberg

90 percent of the iceberg located in Newfoundland is originated from the glacier located in the western Greenland.  Maybe you do not know that iceberg is moving 7 km each year.

Iceberg Pic

Iceberg Pic

Iceberg Facts 9: calved iceberg

The scientists conclude there are 10,000 to 15,000 calved icebergs per year.

Iceberg Facts 10: glacial ice

Glacial ice is created from iceberg.  It is estimated that this ice is 15,000 year old since its first creation.



Can you estimate the weight of the iceberg located in Grand Banks? It is around 100,000 to 200,000 tons. Do you have any question on facts about iceberg?

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