10 Interesting Frank Lloyd Wright Facts

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Frank Lloyd Wright facts become so much interested to learn about. In this case, reading the facts can be your benefits in gaining better knowledge indeed. Just read the facts below to gain better understanding about it indeed.

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 1: International Imperial Hotel Designer

The location of the Hotel was in Tokyo, Japan. He had the idea to put flexibility within the building to be able to deal with earthquake mostly occur in Japan. The completion of the hotel was in 1923. There was a massive earthquake hitting Tokyo. There was only little damage occurred within the building.

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 2: Taliesin

There was fire accident within Wright’s house. It was set by his servant named Julian Carlton. 3 people trapped and 4 others were murdered because they tried to escape the fire. People said that it was the divine judgment for him in abandoning his family.

Frank Lloyd Wright Art

Frank Lloyd Wright Art

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 3: work discontent

He became so much discontented with his work. He later left his 6 children and also his wife. Later, he took off to Europe with other woman named Mamah Cheney. This family abandoning has given him bad scandal and suffering from problem in looking for work.

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 4: form and function are one

When he conducted designing for his building, he had an idea such as “form and function are one”. It was his unique theory in building. It represents the location, what the building is made of, and also the purpose of the building.

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 5: aunt’s school

He once designed a building or his aunt’s school. He later started to sign his drawing by including Architect as the additional for the signature.

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 6: the chapel

His uncle once hired Silsbee in order to design a chapel. Wright also involved in the work by becoming designer for the interior part of the chapel. He moved to Chicago later.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 7: divorced parents

He was a broken home. His parents divorced in 1885. He later had no further communication with his father. Although his mother had the expectation from him in providing money for the family, he spent it on his luxury lifestyle instead.

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 8:  summer work

In order to toughen him up, his parents always sent him to work on uncle’s farm every summer. He actually hated being in rural area beside the opportunity to be closer to nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright Style

Frank Lloyd Wright Style

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 9: Froebel

It was the method in creating blocks and paper which may led him becoming aware to elements of geometric.

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts 10: talented kid

His mother has foreseen him to become great architect even before he was born.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

I hope the facts about Frank Lloyd Wright can increase your knowledge related to him. It will be you satisfaction if you can learn more about it.

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