10 Interesting Gordon Brown Facts

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Gordon Brown facts will be your important information for any people nowadays. You can make sure that you earn good facts and info about this famous politician. Later you can earn more indeed about it. Just become open minded to learn the facts about him below.

Gordon Brown Facts 1: birth

Gordon Brown was born in Glasgow, Scotland. It was on February 20, 1951. His mother was Elizabeth Brown and his father was John Brown. The father was the minister of the Scotland Church.

Gordon Brown Facts 2:  study

He attended Kirkcaldy West Primary School and he won the scholarship to Edinburgh University. It was in his age of 16 years old.

Gordon Brown facts

Gordon Brown facts

Gordon Brown Facts 3:  politics

He later studied politics. He also served as the chairman of Labour Club School. There he graduated with honors from Edinburg in the year of 1972.

Gordon Brown Facts 4: lecturer

It was not long after his graduation from Edinburg; Brown had begun his lecturing activity there. It was in the year 1975. He later moved to Glasgow College of Technology in 1976 to do teaching as well.

Gordon Brown Image

Gordon Brown Image

Gordon Brown Facts 5: affairs journalist

He became affairs journalist in the year 1980. It was for Scottish TV. In the same time, he had decided to start to do study to re-enrolling at Edinburgh University.

Gordon Brown Facts 6: doctorate degree

He had gained doctorate degree of history within the school in 1982. It was after his dissertation writing. The title was “The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland”.

Gordon Brown Now

Gordon Brown Now

Gordon Brown Facts 7: parliament

He once won the seat as the Member of Parliament for the Dunfermline East in 1983. He got acquainted with Tony Blair.

Gordon Brown Facts 8: shadow chancellor

He was designated as the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Later he became the leader of parliament’s Labour Party. It was in 1994.

Gordon Brown Pic

Gordon Brown Pic

Gordon Brown Facts 9: Labour Party Leader of UK

It was in June 2007, he became the leader of Labour Party in UK. He succeeded Tony Blair.

Gordon Brown Facts 10: Sarah Macaulay

He married Sarah Macaulay in 2000. They had 3 children. The first child named Jennifer Jane died because of brain hemorrhage in 2002.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

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