10 Interesting Barack Obama Facts

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Barack Obama facts below present the information about the US president. Many people do not know that Obama is a collector of the Conan the Barbarian and Spider-man comic. His favorite meal is made by his wife. It is called as shrimp linguini. His name is derived from Swahili language. It means “one who is blessed”. Here are the fascinating facts about Barack Obama:

Barack Obama Facts 1: Grammy

Barack Obama got a Grammy award in 2006. It was given to him because of Dreams from My Father. It was the audio version of his memoir.

Barack Obama Facts 2: O’Bomber

Obama was called as O’Bomber when he was in senior high school.  He was well known with his fascinating skill in basketball. Another US president is seen in Thomas Jefferson facts.

Barack Obama Facts

Barack Obama Facts

Barack Obama Facts 3: Teenager

When Obama was in teen age, he used to take cocaine and marijuana. He always said that if he was not a politician, he would like to be an architect.

Barack Obama Facts 4: Daughters

Obama has two daughters named Malia and Sasha. The ambition of Malia is to study on Yale University before he becomes an actress. Sasha has a dream to sing and dance. Read Ronald Reagan facts here.

Barack Obama in a Podium

Barack Obama in a Podium

Barack Obama Facts 5: The Worst Habit

Obama states that he has a bad habit. One of them is always checking Blackberry.

Barack Obama Facts 6: Products

Obama likes to use an Apple Mac Laptop. His suit is always fascinating. He likes wearing Hart Schaffner Marx suit. It costs $1,500. What about his car? He likes driving a Ford Escape Hybrid.

Barack Obama on a Phone

Barack Obama on a Phone

Barack Obama Facts 7: Favorite Snacks

Obama’s favorite snack is chocolate-peanut protein bars. He cannot stand ice cream. When he was a teen he worked in a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop. When he lived in Indonesia, he used to eat the roasted grasshopper, snake meat and dog meat. His favorite drink is black forest berry iced tea.

Barack Obama Facts 8: Campaign Trail

Campaign trail was very important during the running time of president. Obama preferred the sport channels than watching CNN. He also promised to his wife Michelle that he would quit smoking before the election. However, he did not do it.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Facts 9: Book

Obama personal book can give him cash. The sales can reach the total net worth of $4.2 million.

Barack Obama Facts 10: Films

Casablanca and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest are some of his favorite movies.  This man also likes to read harry Potter book. Moby-Dick by Herman Melville is his favorite book so far. Do The Right Thing is the movie that he watched with his wife during the first date.

Barack Obama's Family

Barack Obama’s Family

Zariff is Obama’s personal barber living in Chicago. This man has the responsibility to cut off Obama’s hair once a week. It charges $21. Obama’s favorite music includes The Fugees, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and Bach. Do you have any opinion facts about Barack Obama?

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