10 Interesting Mehndi Facts

Saturday, July 19th 2014. | Culture

Mehndi Facts give you the information about the deep red color decoration on the bride’s hands.  Mehndi can be found in many brides of India. It makes their hands look nice and elegant during the important wedding occasion. If you are interested to find out more facts about Mehndi, read the following post below:

Mehndi Facts 1: the first usage of Mehndi

It is a quite surprising fact to know that the first usage of Mehndi was traced back 500 years ago in Egypt.  The main purpose of Mehndi is to give the great afterlife for pharaohs.

Mehndi Facts 2: Mehndi in India

The Mehndi came to Indian during the Mughul period in 12th century AD. Check facts about Mehndi below.

Mehndi Brides

Mehndi Brides

Mehndi Facts 3: mehndi in North African Jewish and Yemenite

You have to know that Mehndi is also important during the wedding in the Yemenite and northern African Jewish community. Chenah is used to call henna in Hebrew.  It represents three mitzvoth in the Jewish culture. Those are Hadlakat Nayrto (lighting Shabbat candles), Nida (family purity) and Challah (separating the challah).

Mehndi Facts 4: Muslim henna

Henna is also used by Muslim people. However, the image of henna applied on the hands should be in floral patterns or negative space. It is not permitted for you to have the live objects such as raja, rani and peacock.

Mehndi Facts

Mehndi Facts

Mehndi Facts 5: Hindu henna

If you find out the Mehndi of the Hindu people, you will be amazed. They are various kinds of images that you can choose such as name writing, ranis, parrots, peacocks, geometric shapes, mangos, intricate patterns and ganesha.

Mehndi Facts 6: Moroccan women

Moroccan women also use henna in a special celebration. They have henna on the hands when celebrating the spring time of Id Al Adha.

Mehndi Flowers

Mehndi Flowers

Mehndi Facts 7: the purpose of henna

Mehndi used by the brides in Jewish and Muslim tradition is not only for decorative purpose but also to ward off the evil eye.   If your hands have the most intricate pattern, it will be hard for the evil eye to break in the forehead of the brides.

Mehndi Facts 8: western countries

It seems that Mehndi is also popular not only in India but also in western countries. They use it for various purposes.

Mehndi Pics

Mehndi Pics

Mehndi Facts 9: medicine

If you look at the earliest ayurverdict text, you find out that the usage of henna is also associated for curing hair ailments and skin disease.

Mehndi Facts 10: properties to make henna

Henna is created from dried leaves.   Henna also comes in good perfume. It makes the hands smell good.



Henna is alfo functional to cool the body during the summer season. Other diseases such as colon cancer, small pox, leprosy and blood loss during the childbirth can be handled by using henna. Do you want to comment on facts about Mehndi?

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