10 Interesting the Tudor Period Facts

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The Tudor Period Facts inform the readers with a period, which took place in 1485 until 1603. The Elizabethan era is also included in the period. In 1603, the Tudor as well as the Elizabethan period ended due to the death of Elizabeth I. Henry VII who lived in 1457 until 1509 served as the first monarch of Tudor Dynasty. Let us check other interesting facts about the Tudor Period below:

The Tudor Period Facts 1: the life under the Tudor Dynasty

There was an argument which stated that the life of the people under the Tudor Dynasty was more optimistic, expansive and economically healthier.

The Tudor Period Facts 2: the population

The population during the Tudor Period was increased after the end of the agricultural depression and Black Death in 15th century.

the tudor period facts

the tudor period facts

The Tudor Period Facts 3: the economic improvement

The improvement on the economy was spotted after woollen products were exported to European mainland.  In 1496, the favorable Intercursus Magnus treaty was negotiated by Henry VII.  The land shortage and low wages were spotted.

The Tudor Period Facts 4: the gap of poor and rich

The gap between the rich and poor people was wide due to the increased population and influx of New World gold.

the tudor period picture

the tudor period picture

The Tudor Period Facts 5: Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell played an important role during the administration of King Henry VIII. In 1532 until 1540, he became the chief minister of his government. It was believed that Cromwell was the creator of modern administration.

The Tudor Period Facts 6: the revenue

The Dissolution of the Monasteries made the government earn higher revenue. The King got the clerical income from First Fruits and Tenths. The Pope earned the income before. Read facts about the Tudor Monarchs here.

the tudor period pic

the tudor period pic

The Tudor Period Facts 7: the management of revenue

The management of revenue became expensive because it involved with many officials who had to run the departments.

The Tudor Period Facts 8: the financial hardship

In 1540 until 1558, the government faced financial hardship because of the inefficiency, corruptions, debasement and war.

mary i

mary i

The Tudor Period Facts 9: English religion

During the Tudor period, English religion was reformed after Pope Clement VII refused to annul the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. The relationship between Rome and Church of England ended.

The Tudor Period Facts 10: the Tudor monarchs

Five monarchs had ruled the Tudor Dynasty. They were Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. Get facts about Mary Tudor here.

elizabeth i

elizabeth i

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Tudor Dynasty?


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