10 Interesting D Day Facts

Saturday, October 26th 2013. | History

If you like to study about history, you need to see the following D Day facts.  We can find much explanation about D day in school texts. But all of them present the general information about D Day. If you want to know the little known facts about D day, you need to see the 10 facts below. You will be surprised with the facts.

D Day Facts 1:Secrecy And Rumors

There are many secrecy and rumors surrounding the D day. The invasion of allied armies to Germany was kept in secret. They also used the false name when training the troop in the invasion.

D Day Facts 2:Division

The main reason of   secrecy in D day attack is because of the many divisions that Germany troops had in the France. They got 55 divisions. All of them located in France. The allies only had 8 divisions.

D Day

D Day

D Day Facts 3:Naval Ships

The naval ships used to accommodate 195,000 sailors were about 6,939 ships.

D Day Facts 4: Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord involved the British, Canadian and American armies. The members of this operation were around 2 million armies.

D Day Event

D Day Event

D Day Facts 5:Shipment

The largest shipment in D day was not the armies but the ammunitions.   The American people had to hold on half a million tons of ammunition.

D Day Facts 6: Allied Aircrafts

In D day, there were 127 allied aircrafts shot down by Germany. The number of planes crashed during the summer of 1944 was more than 2000 pieces.

D Day Facts

D Day Facts

D Day Facts 7: Lt. Robert Mathias

Do you know the first American soldier who died for the first time in D day? He was Lt. Robert Mathias. He was a member of 82nd airborne division. He was only 28 years old when he died. Before he jumped from the aircrafts, he got a shot. The bullet was on his chest.

D Day Facts 8: British Army

Lt. Den Brtoheridge and Lance Corporal Fred Greehalgh were the first two soldiers who died in the war. When Brtoheridge led his platoon, he got a shot on his neck.

D Day Troop

D Day Troop

D Day Facts 9: 82nd Airborne Division

The main loss of 82nd Airborne Division was located in Normandy. During the D day, three were 16 percent of troops killed. The huge loss was due to the long time parachutes that made the troop so easily get killed while on the air. Thus, the American people used the quick release buckled after the huge loss.

D Day Facts 10: Japanese People

In the early July 1944, there were 8,000 Japanese people committed suicide. They were not only the troops but also civilians.

D Day War

D Day War

Most of them were afraid that the American people would kill and torture them. Thus, they kill themselves.  Mother threw their children off the cliff. Then they jumped off the cliff too. What do you think on facts about D day?

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