10 Interesting Medieval Music Facts

Thursday, July 17th 2014. | Culture

Find out the interesting Medieval Music Facts if you want to know the western music created during the middle ages. The medieval era happened from the 5th century until the beginning of the 15th century. It marked the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of Renaissance era.  Here are facts about medieval music for you:

Medieval Music Facts 1: instruments

There are several types of medieval instruments that you can find in the modern days. However, the old instrument has been modified. You can find that a flute in the medieval time was created from wood. But now the instrument is made from metal or silver.

Medieval Music Facts 2: The gemshorn

Another instrument is a gemshorn. You can compare it with a recorder. It is included as an instrument in ocarina family.

Medieval Music Facts

Medieval Music Facts

Medieval Music Facts 3: the pan flute

The most popular type of flute during the medieval time was the pan flute. You can find the graduated in length of the wooden plan flute.  The purpose of the length is to produce different kinds of pitches.

Medieval Music Facts 4: plucked string instruments

There are many kinds of plucked string instruments used by the medieval people to create great music. They often used psaltery, mandore, lute and gittern.

Medieval Music Image

Medieval Music Image

Medieval Music Facts 5: dulcimers

Dulcimers were originally created in plucked style. After the presence of new technology, the instrument was created in struck style in 14th century.

Medieval Music Facts 6: genre of medieval music

There are several genres of medieval music. But most of them come in secular and sacred ways.   One of the most popular genres during the beginning of medieval time was liturgical genre. Gregorian chant was an example of monophonic music. Find out the lifestyles and culture of the people by reading Medieval Europe facts.

Medieval Music Instruments

Medieval Music Instruments

Medieval Music Facts 7: the high medieval era

During the high medieval era, people began to have the polyphonic music. The development of this medieval music from monophonic to polyphonic was affected by the Ars Nova.

Medieval Music Facts 8: motets

The early motets were often created in sacred and liturgical ways. But the motets began to have the secular topics by the end of 13th century.

Medieval Music Pic

Medieval Music Pic

Medieval Music Facts 9: Chant

Chant is one example of medieval music. It grew in many European cities such as Milan, Rome, Hispanis, Ireland and Gaul. The purpose of chant was to sport the liturgies.

Medieval Music Facts 10: Mozarabic chant

Mozarabic chant was created in Spain and Portugal. It was used to show to the influence of North African Music.

Medieval Music Songs

Medieval Music Songs

Other types of chants were affected by the regions. You can find Celtic chant in Ireland and Gallican chant in Gaul. Do you want to comment on facts about medieval music?

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