10 Interesting Cherokee Indians Facts

Monday, December 2nd 2013. | History

If you like to study about the Native American people, read the whole Cherokee Indians facts. The tribes of the Native American people are various. You can learn one of them through the Cherokee Indian. If you remember about trail of tears, you will know that many people in this tribe died during the horrible journey. Find out the complete facts about Cherokee Indian in the post below:

Cherokee Indians Facts 1: what are Cherokee Indians?

Cherokee Indians are included in the indigenous people living in American Southeast regions and Iroquoian people. The southwest regions in the country include the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Cherokee Indians Facts 2: duties of men and women

The Cherokee people had separated the duties between men and women. The women were in charge to take care the land and home. The men’s duties were to protect the camp and hunt for food.

Cherokee Indian

Cherokee Indian

Cherokee Indians Facts 3: Wattle and Daub Houses

Many Cherokees who wanted to enjoy a permanent home lived in Wattle and Daub Houses. They chose the houses because they fitted with the style of farming and hunting performed by the native people.

Cherokee Indians Facts 4: Wattle and Daub Houses

How did the Cherokee create Wattle and Daub Houses? They placed the poles as the framework of the house. Then they jointed them by using the vines and branches.

Cherokee Indians  pictures

Cherokee Indians pictures

Cherokee Indians Facts 5: Sequoyah

Sequoyah was one of the notable Cherokee leaders. He was the famous person who created the writing system in the tribe.

Cherokee Indians Facts 6: Clothing

When it comes about the clothing, you will know that this tribe has a unique sense of style. Most of the clothes were created from the animal skin. The clothes were sewn by using sinew of deer as the thread.

Cherokee Indians facts

Cherokee Indians facts

Cherokee Indians Facts 7: breechcloths

Breechcloths were the clothing design for Cherokee men. It came in a long rectangular animal skin. When the men used this cloth, their legs remained bare. If there was a special occasion, the men used a decorative apron on the clothes.

Cherokee Indians Facts 8: Leggings

Men and women in Cherokee tribes often used legging. They were used to protect the bare legs. To make them nice, the tribe used fringe for the decorative accent.

Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Indians Facts 9: Clothing for women

Clothing for women was different. They used a wraparound skirt with legging. For the top part, they used blouses.

Cherokee Indians Facts 10: footwear

The unique footwear worn by the Cherokee Indians was called as moccasins.  They came in light beige color and were created from skin leather.



You can differentiate each tribe in Native American tribe from their appearance. The Cherokee Indian will use their rock headdresses. You can also see the women with a long hair. It is usually braided and decorated with shells and cloth. Are you fascinated with facts about Cherokee Indians?

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