10 Interesting NAZI Facts

Friday, August 22nd 2014. | History

NAZI Facts elaborate the details about the NAZI which had killed thousands of Jewish people all over the world. NAZI was formed by the famous Adolf Hitler who killed himself when he was about to be captured. Find out the detail facts about NAZI below:

NAZI Facts 1: an experimental drug cocktail

An experimental drug cocktail was conducted by NAZI during World War II. The equipment used to test the subject could have been marched in the length up to 88.5 km or 55 miles.

NAZI Facts 2: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was concerned with NAZI. He used his own money for the fund of a movie, The Great Dictator for his anti NAZI movie. Actually United States at that time was still at peace with NAZI.

NAZI Facts

NAZI Facts

NAZI Facts 3: Edelweiss Pirates

Edelweiss Pirates is a group of German teenagers who were against NAZI Germany in World War II. The members of the group grew their hair longer, sang banned songs and intermingled with the opposite sex. The NAZI was sabotaged by Edelweiss Pirates when the war began.

NAZI Facts 4: Polish children

Do you know that there were many Polish Children kidnapped by NAZI? They were killed in the camp. After the World War II was over, only 10 to 15 percent of the Polish children were returned back to the parents.

NAZI Image

NAZI Image

NAZI Facts 5: animal protection law

It is a quite surprising fact to know that the leader of the party, Adolf Hitler granted a set of animal protection laws. His Nazi Party was in power in January 1933. Find out facts about Adolf Hitler here.

NAZI Facts 6: homosexuality

Homosexuality was not accepted by NAZI. They forced the homosexual people to have sex with female slaves to make them straight.



NAZI Facts 7: Wilm Hosenfeld

A Nazi officer named Wilm Hosenfeld had saved a lot of Jews and Poles in World War II. However, he passed away after being tortured. At that time, he was sent to a Soviet labor camp.

NAZI Facts 8: the Ustaše

The Ustaše resembled the act of Nazi which killed Jews people too. However, this Croatian fascist group also killed the Croats and Serbs. They used the primitive weapons to cut off the breast of women, impale the children, and burn the people alive, cut the nose and ears.



NAZI Facts 9: George de Hevesy

George de Hevesy was famous with his two Nobel Prizes. In World War II, he used aqua regia to dissolve his Nobel Prizes. He was afraid that the Nobel Prize would be stolen by NAZI. When the war was over, he got the medals back.

NAZI Facts 10: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was the famous designer of Chanel Brand. Do you know that she was actually a NAZI spy?



When World War II was over, there were 7,000 NAZI sympathizers took their life. Do you want to comment on facts about NAZI?

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