10 Interesting Naruto Facts

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If you love reading manga series, you have to know the detail Naruto Facts. Naruto is one of the most popular manga series in the world. This Japanese manga has a unique story and characters.  If you want to get the detail facts about Naruto, check the following post below:

Naruto Facts 1: job of a Hunter-nin

Can you tell the main job of hunter nin? They have the responsibility to track and banish a shinobi who deserted their village. Most missing nin who deserted from the village carry valuable information. To avoid the spreading of valuable information, they have to be tracked and killed.

Naruto Facts 2: Kakashi’s entire face

One funny fact about Naruto is on the character, Kakashi.  In the series, there is no one ever see the real face of Kakashi.

Naruto Boys

Naruto Boys

Naruto Facts 3: profession of Kakashi

Do you know the original profession of Kakashi before he was a teacher? Actually Kakashi worked as an Anbu. The Anbu always wears a mask for protecting the true identity. The mask reminds you with a dog. But some people interpret it as a fox.

Naruto Facts 4: The Kawarimi no Jutsu

The Kawarimi no Jutsu is an important ability that a ninja has. Before the ninja can learn, they have to be granted from Genin level. This ability enables the ninja to switch place with an object located nearby.

Naruto in Action

Naruto in Action

Naruto Facts 5: Taijutsu

Taijutsu is often used by Kakashi when he fights against Naruto. This ability is called as the fastest shinobi style.

Naruto Facts 6: the Demon Brothers

Naruto was very upset when he fights the Demon Brothers because he was injured and froze up. He was disappointed because of his weakness. If you want to know the detail story of Naruto, you have ot read the whole Japanese manga series. Check Japan facts here.

Naruto Pictures

Naruto Pictures

Naruto Facts 7: Sasuke

Another important character in Naruto is Sasuke. When he was firstly introduced in the series, he swore to kill his brother Itachi.

Naruto Facts 8: Spring Cherry Blossom

Spring Cherry Blossom is the only female member in Team 7.

Naruto Series

Naruto Series

Naruto Facts 9: a Genin-level ninja

Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto were placed a Genin Level Ninja. All of them had a job in a rank missing that falsely categorized as a C rank mission.

Naruto Facts 10: Kakashi’s Sharingan eye

Kakashi has a surgical implant on the eye. He got the Sharingan eye from the Uchiha clan.



The clan of Uchiha was banished. The only one who survived was Sasuke and Itachi. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Naruto?

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