10 Interesting Marie Antoinette Facts

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Find out the information about the queen of France by reading Marie Antoinette facts. The 37 year old former queen of France was sentenced to death because of treason. When her head was cut on the guillotine, people cried cheerfully. Here are the facts about Marie Antoinette for you:

Marie Antoinette Facts 1: an Austrian princess

Marie Antoinette actually was an Austrian princess. She was born as Archduchess Marie Antoinette in 1755 in Vienna, Austria. His father was the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I. Her mother was Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa. In the family, Marie was the last one in 15 children.

Marie Antoinette Facts 2: young marriage

She married the future Louis XVI at the young age. At that time, she was only 14 years old. The Austrian monarch offered the youngest daughter in the family to become the wife of the future dauphin Louis Auguste to end the seven year’s war. Check Louis XVI facts here.

Marie Antoinette Facts

Marie Antoinette Facts

Marie Antoinette Facts 3: arrival in France

When Marie was 14 years old, she was sent to France on 7 May 1770. The archduchess was welcomed with grand procession as she entered the Palace of Versailles.

Marie Antoinette Facts 4: marriage

The marriage between future king of France and Marie occurred one day after both met. The wedding ceremony was lavish and majestic.

Marie Antoinette Movie

Marie Antoinette Movie

Marie Antoinette Facts 5: a teen idol

Marie became a teen idol in France. People were amazed with physical beauty.  When she was in public, there were at least 50,000 Parisians who wanted to see her.

Marie Antoinette Facts 6: bouffant hairdo

The most interesting feature that people can see on Marie Antoinette is her bouffant hair do. The queen liked to sport a high updo. The bouffant can reach the height up to four feet. The hair dresser of the queen decorated the hair with trinkets and feathers.

Marie Antoinette of France

Marie Antoinette of France

Marie Antoinette Facts 7: a fairy tale village

The queen never thought about her people in France. She wanted a fairy village called Petit Hameau, while the peasants in France were starving.

Marie Antoinette Facts 8: Petit Hameau

Petit Hameau as a fairy tale village built with gardens, lakes, watermill, cottages, and a farmhouse.  The cost of this construction was very big. It made people called her Madame Deficit.

Marie Antoinette Young

Marie Antoinette Young

Marie Antoinette Facts 9: incest

Marie Antoinette was convicted with sexual promiscuity, high treason and incest.  Louis Charles was forced to testify against his mother that he was molested by her.

Marie Antoinette Facts 10: unmarked grave

After she was executed, she was buried in an unmarked grave in the Church of Madeline.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

In 1815, the bodies of Marie and Louis XVI were exhumed and reburied again with proper ceremony based on the order of King Louis XVIII. Do you have any opinion on facts about Marie Antoinette?

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