10 Interesting Jessica Ennis Facts

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Let me show you the interesting Jessica Ennis facts if you want to know more about the British Olympic athlete. This woman is the star in various athletic events. In her young age, she makes people amazed with her talent and skill. Here are the facts about Jessica Ennis:

Jessica Ennis Facts 1: date of birth

Jessica Ennis is a young Athlete from Britain. She was born on January 28, 1986.

Jessica Ennis Facts 2: achievement

Some of her biggest achievements can be seen when she won a gold medal in 2012 London Olympic Games, 2009 World Championship and 2010 European Championships.

Jessica Ennis  Facts

Jessica Ennis Facts

Jessica Ennis Facts 3: place of living

Today, Jessica Ennis stays in Sheffield. She states that she is one of the biggest fans of Sheffield United Football Club.

Jessica Ennis Facts 4: The Beano comic – Dennis the Menace

Jessica’s skill and achievement in the Olympic Games 2012 make her featured in the famous edition of the Beano Comic.  The title of the comic is Ennis the Menace.

Jessica Ennis  Image

Jessica Ennis Image

Jessica Ennis Facts 5: Grey’s Anatomy

If you state that you are a fan of Jessica Ennis, you need to find out the personal detail about her. One of her favorite shows is Grey’s Anatomy.

Jessica Ennis Facts 6: Toni Minichiello

One of the important people that push her career much is Toni Minichiello.  He is his coach since Jessica was only 13 years old.

Jessica Ennis  Medal

Jessica Ennis Medal

Jessica Ennis Facts 7: Beijing Olympic Games

You can see her wonderful performance in the 2012 Olympic Games. She could not act in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games because she was injured. Find out another star in Olympic Games by reading facts about Jesse Owens.

Jessica Ennis Facts 8: zodiac

Do you know the zodiac of Jessica Ennis? She is an Aquarius girl.

Jessica Ennis  Pic

Jessica Ennis Pic

Jessica Ennis Facts 9: CBE

After performing in the Olympic Games 2012, she raises to fame.  One year after the Olympic Games, she was made a CBE.

Jessica Ennis Facts 10: Team Jennis

The coaching staff of Ennis is often called as Team Jennis.

Jessica Ennis Cute

Jessica Ennis Cute

The fame of Jessica Ennis can be seen in Sheffield. When you visit the Bramhall Lane, you can find that one of the stands is named Jessica Ennis. Are you wondered with facts about Jessica Ennis?

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