10 Interesting Robert the Bruce Facts

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Robert the Bruce Facts present the famous king of Scotland. He was on the throne in 1306 until his death in 1329. You can call this king Robert I or Robert the Bruce. He was famous in Scotland due to his big contribution which led the way to make Scotland independent. Get more facts about the king by reading the below post:

Robert the Bruce Facts 1: date of birth

He was born in 1274 in Ayrshire, Scotland. There were three languages that he could master when he was only 3 years old. He could speak Scottish, Gaelic and Anglo-Norman.

Robert the Bruce Facts 2: Robert the Bruce name

He was named Robert the Bruce since the Bruce was considered as the head of the Bruce family.

Robert the Bruce Facts

Robert the Bruce Facts

Robert the Bruce Facts 3: the independence

Scotland struggled to get their independence from England.  Robert was the leader to get this independence after the death of William Wallace. However, he and his army always lost the battle each time they made attempt to attack England.

Robert the Bruce Facts 4: the King of Scotland

He became the king of Scotland in 1306. In 1309, he held his parliament and got the support as the king from the church. Robert I controlled all areas in Scotland.

Robert the Bruce Image

Robert the Bruce Image

Robert the Bruce Facts 5: being chased by the English

Robert was the target of the English. He was often chased by the English using the bloodhound dogs. He could avoid being captured by the English after he could wake up earlier.

Robert the Bruce Facts 6: the fight

Robert decided to continue his battle against the English after he viewed a spider which tried to climb up a cave wall.  He found out that the spider always failed the attempt to climb the wall cave. However, in the 13th attempt, the spider was successful to climb the cave wall. Find out a king of England in facts about King Richard III.

Robert the Bruce Pictures

Robert the Bruce Pictures

Robert the Bruce Facts 7: the statues

Due to his wonderful contribution, you can find some statues of Robert the Bruce in Scotland.  One of them is located in Edinburgh Castle.  His name appears in aircraft and Scottish banknotes.

Robert the Bruce Facts 8: Battle of Bannockburn

In 1314, Battle of Bannockburn brought a great victory for Scotland. It was one of Robert’s greatest victories since he could defeat the English. It made the Scottish people get their independence.

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce Facts 9: death

In 1329, Robert the Bruce passed away. His body was buried in Dunfermline Abbey.

Robert the Bruce Facts 10: the tomb

The tomb of Robert the Bruce is very beautiful. It is embellished with gold leaf. The tomb was carved in Paris.

Robert the Bruce Pic

Robert the Bruce Pic

Are you impressed reading facts about Robert the Bruce?

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