10 Interesting Duke Ellington Facts

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Duke Ellington facts allow you to read the fascinating study about one of the biggest musicians and composers in the world. This man was recognized with his biggest contribution in the Jazz music around 20th century. Find out about Ellington in detail in the facts below:

Duke Ellington Facts 1: date of birth

Duke Ellington was born in Corona, Queens, New York City on 6th July, 1971. His parents gave him a full name of Edward Kennedy Ellington.

Duke Ellington Facts 2: parents

The name of his mother was Daisy Kennedy Ellington. James Edward Ellington was the name of his father.

Duke Ellington  facts

Duke Ellington facts

Duke Ellington Facts 3: education

As child, Ellington was very smart. He was considered as an artistic child. Thus, he decided to pursue his dream by studying at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Duke Ellington Facts 4: background of Ellington’s family

Ellington was the descendant of African American slaves. Their parents worked as pianists. It seems that the passion of music also ran in the blood of the young Ellington. He also liked to play piano and learned music. The Jazz pianist Harvey Brooks taught him.

Duke Ellington Cover

Duke Ellington Cover

Duke Ellington Facts 5: name

The name Duke was given by his friend since Ellington should have a title for his musical talent. Thus, many of his friends called him Duke when he was at school.

Duke Ellington Facts 6: job

Ellington got a job in a Cotton Clin located in Harlem. He thought that it was his first vital job to do.

Duke Ellington Piano

Duke Ellington Piano

Duke Ellington Facts 7: fame

When he achieved the fame, he went all over the world to make a tour. You can see his performance in Australia, South America, and Europe. People considered him as a wonderful musician and bandleader.

Duke Ellington Facts 8: work

There are various works that he had done when he became a singer. You can listen to the famous works of “I Let a Song Get Out of My Head”, “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”, and “Mood Indigo”.

Duke Ellington Time

Duke Ellington Time

Duke Ellington Facts 9: Springham Medal

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP awarded him with a Springham Medal. President Richard Nixon also gave him a Medal of Freedom.

Duke Ellington Facts 10: music

People call his music as jazz music. However, Duke Ellington always referred his music as an American Music.

Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington

On 24th May, 1974, The Duke Ellington died because of a lung cancer in New York City. In 1999, a special posthumous honor was awarded by the Pulitzer Prize for him. Do you want to comment on facts about Duke Ellington?

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