10 Interesting Usher Facts

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Usher Facts inform us with the famous American singer. He was born on 14th October 1978. The birthplace of Usher was in Dallas, Texas. Before he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, he was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He followed singing competitions at the age of 12. Music A&R from LaFace Records eventually paid attention to his talent. Check other facts about Usher below:

Usher Facts 1: the self-titled debut

Usher finally released his debut album in August 1994. The title is Usher.  In the end of 1990s, he earned a great of popularity after releasing My Way (1997).

Usher Facts 2: the notable singles

The notable singles of Usher included  “My Way”, “You Make Me Wanna…” and “Nice & Slow”.

Facts about Usher

Facts about Usher

Usher Facts 3: the third studio album

The third studio album of Usher is entitled 8701 released in 2001.   The famous singles included “U Got It Bad” and “U Remind Me”. Get facts about ukulele here.

Usher Facts 4: the first Grammy Award

In 2002, Usher earned the first Grammy award for the  “U Remind Me”. In 2003, Usher won Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for his “U Don’t Have to Call”.

Usher Facts

Usher Facts

Usher Facts 5: the best-selling musical artist

In the 2000s, Usher was considered as one of the best selling artists after he released Confessions in 2004. The sales reached 20 million copies.  The singles included “My Boo”, “Confessions Part II”, and “Burn”.

Usher Facts 6: the other albums

Usher then released other albums in 2008 and 2010. The latter one has the title Raymond v. Raymond. The former one is Here I Stand.  In 2012, he released Looking 4 Myself. In 2016, Hard II Love was released. In Billboard 200 album charts, it was ranked at No.5. Find facts about the Notebook Movie here.

Usher Pictures

Usher Pictures

Usher Facts 7: the sales in United States

In United States, the sales of digital songs are 38.2 millions. The albums are sold in 23.8 millions. The global sales for his albums reach 43 millions.

Usher Facts 8: the awards

Talking about his awards, he had earned 8 Grammy awards and 18 Billboard Music Awards.



Usher Facts 9: a record label

Usher established RBMG or Raymond-Braun Media Group in 2008. It was the record label of Usher. One of the artists represented by the label is Justin Bieber.

Usher Facts 10: the early life

When Usher was one year old, the father left the family.  He was raised by his mother, half brother and stepfather.

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