10 Interesting Maple Tree Facts

Friday, July 4th 2014. | Plants

Check the interesting information about Maple Tree facts in the following post below. Maple tree is included the family Aceraceae. In the world, you can find thousand of varieties of maple trees.  The plant has 128 species. Here are facts about maple tree for you:

Maple Tree Facts 1: where to find maple tree

If you want to find maple trees, you need to go to the northern hemisphere. The trees can be found abundant in the area. Maple tree’s existence in the world can be traced back 100 million years ago.

Maple Tree Facts 2: why people cultivate maple trees

Maple trees are very important to the life of human being because they can be used for commercial application because of the wood. You can also produce maple syrup from the trees. The ornamental morphology is also beneficial for human.

Maple Tree  Pic

Maple Tree Pic

Maple Tree Facts 3: species

As I have stated before there are 128 species of maple trees. During the ice age, there were come species of maple tress vanished.  Of 128 species, 54 of them are in danger because of the habitat loss.

Maple Tree Facts 4: color

The bark color of a maple tree is brown. In an older maple tree, you can find that the bark is very rough. The younger maples trees have smooth bark.

Maple Tree Color

Maple Tree Color

Maple Tree Facts 5: size

It is not easy to define the size of a maple tree because the size depends on the species of the tree. Some maple trees can reach the height of 145 feet, while some other species can only reach the height of a bonsai.

Maple Tree Facts 6: flowers

The color of maple tree can come in red, orange, green or yellow color. The inflorescence will be used to identify whether the flowers are female or male. The primary pollinators of maple flowers are honeybees.

Maple Tree Facts

Maple Tree Facts

Maple Tree Facts 7: leaves of maple trees

The color of maple tree leaves is fascinating. During the autumn season, you can find the leaves in orange, red and yellow colors. But you can also find the leaves in green color. The leaves are characterized with 3 to 9 lobes.

Maple Tree Facts 8: Maple syrup

Maple syrup is extracted from a maple tree. The production is conducted by boiling the tree sap. People have to wait for 30 years for the suitable extraction on the maple tree.

Maple Tree Leaves

Maple Tree Leaves

Maple Tree Facts 9: types of furniture

There are many types of furniture which can be produced from maple trees such as kitchen cabinets, table, chairs, butcher block, buffet, and many more.

Maple Tree Facts 10: momijigari

Momijigari is a Japanese term which is used to call the collective watching of maple trees in the autumn season. The people in Japanese like to watch the change of maple leaves colors. Check Japanese culture facts here.

Maple Tree

Maple Tree

In the proper condition, the life span of maple trees can reach 300 years. Are you interested reading facts about maple tree?

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