10 Interesting Plant Facts

Friday, August 30th 2013. | Plants

Plant facts give you the fascinating ideas about the unique plants in the world. Do you know the tallest growing three in the world? Even though this tallest tree is not the old one, it is so tallest and can be found in California. It is called as coast redwood or Sequoia sempervirens. Find more facts about plants here:

Plant Facts 1: Bamboo

The people living in Japanese or Chinese home designs like to plant bamboo in their backyard or front yard. This plant is considered as the fastest growing wood plant in the world. In a day, the plant can reach 35 inches. If you want to save the wood in the world, use bamboo to make home or furniture.

Plant Facts 2: Grapes

Grapes have been used by people to make wine about 8000 year ago. It was traced by the archeologists in in Iraq or Mesopotamia. The first process to make wine from grapes has been recorded firstly by Egyptian people.

Flower Plant

Flower Plant

Plant Facts 3: Tulips

One of the beautiful blossoming flowers in the world in tulip. In Holland tulips were considered as precious flowers. Many people loved them that loving gold in 1600s.

Plant Facts 4: Pineapple

Pineapple is included on the bromeliad family. The fruit is called pineapple because the shape looks like a pinecone. However, the flesh of the fruit resembles apple. The word pineapple is gained from the European explorers.

Plant Facts

Plant Facts

Plant Facts 5: Avocados and Pumpkins

Avocados and pumpkins are included as fruits, not vegetables if you see them based on the botanical point of view. It is due to the fact that both fruits have plant seeds. Find other plants in tree facts.

Plant Facts 6: Cranberries

If you throw cranberries on the water, they will bounce and float to water. This condition occurs because cranberries have a small pocket of air inside the fruit.



Plant Facts 7: Amorphophallus titanium

Amorphophallus titanium is also called as titan arum. The length of this flower can reach 15 feet. That’s why it is called as the largest unbranched flower in the world. The smell of this flower is not great. It will remind you with Rafflesia.

Plant Facts 8: Nerium Oleander

Nerium oleander is a flowering shrub from Mediterranean countries. All of parts of flower are poisonous. If you ingest the leaves for this plant, you can face central nervous system, cardiac and gastrointestinal problems.

Sunflower Plant

Sunflower Plant

Plant Facts 9: La Fete du Muguet

If you want to enjoy the festival of lily of the valley, you can go to France to enjoy La Fete du Muguet. It was conducted at 1 May. This celebration is focused by giving your lily to someone you loved most.

Plant Facts 10: Snapdragon Flowers

If you want to know a unique shape of plants, you need to see the snapdragon flowers. The shape resembles a dragon. The dragon mouth on the flower can close and open when you squeeze the side of the flower. Look at flower facts to know the detail info.



One of the most popular flowers in the countryside area is sunflower. Some flowers included in sunflower family include asters, goldenrod, yarrow, and daisies. What do you think on facts about plants?

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