10 Interesting Kelp Facts

Tuesday, May 20th 2014. | Plants

Let me inform you with the underwater plant in Kelp facts. Kelp is a kind of algae.  It has a brown color. Actually there are three kinds of algae colors. You can find them in red, green and brown. Kelp comes in brown color. Here are the interesting facts about Kelp:

Kelp Facts 1: the underwater plants

I can say that kelp is the underwater plant. The tallest one of all underwater plants is the giant kelp. Giant kelp is very unique because it grows from the spores, not seeds.

Kelp Facts 2: spores

It is a surprising fact to know that giant kelp can spread 70 trillion spores annually. Can you imagine how much giant kelp grows under the water?  It is not easy to see the spores because they come in microscopic size.

kelp facts

kelp facts

Kelp Facts 3: gametes

Gametes are the terms used to call the male and female cells released by the tiny plants. If the male and female gametes meet each other, they will form a tiny zygote. Then the zygote will grow as giant kelp.

Kelp Facts 4: length

Do you know the length of giant kelp? It can grow up to 200 feet. That’s why it is called giant kelp.

kelp forest

kelp forest

Kelp Facts 5: life span

Giant kelp is just like any other underwater plants. They have a certain life span. In average, giant kelp can live for 9 to 10 years.

Kelp Facts 6: giant kelp forests

The size of the giant kelp forest can be big or small. It depends on the population of the giant kelp there.  If you want to know the big giant kelp forest, you can visit the coast of California.

kelp length

kelp length

Kelp Facts 7: place of growing

The kelps can only grow in the cold ocean water. It is due to the facts that kelp needs a lot of nutrients to stay survived. Moreover, it grows in the shallow area of the ocean.

Kelp Facts 8: algin

Algin is the term to call the giant kelp in food. Some people also call it alginate. This algin is used in some various foods such as frozen food, chocolate milk, ice cream, cake icing, salad dressing, toothpaste, carpet dyes, fertilizer, pet foods and many more.

kelp plant

kelp plant

Kelp Facts 9: shape

Kelp plant has gas filled bladders. It also has a coned shaped holdfast.  In average, the kelp can grow around 60 cm. Read more information about plant facts here.

Kelp Facts 10: Kingdom

Talking about the division of kelp, you need to know that it is included in the order Laminariales along with other 124 species of brown algae. All of them are included in the kingdom Chromista.



There are three main parts that you can find on kelp. Those are the holdfast, stipe and blade. Are you fascinated with facts about kelp?

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