10 Interesting Trees Facts

Saturday, June 29th 2013. | Plants

Trees facts show you the importance of tree in the world. Many people now perform illegal logging. The land for trees to live is getting limited year to year. It affects the environment. We need to live in a hot world because the global warming and the lack of greenery. Look at the following explanation about tree facts:

Trees Facts 1: AC

Air conditioning is always placed in a big building to lower the temperature inside.  You can also find many residential buildings install AC. Actually you can lower the need for Air Conditioning up to 30 percent by planting trees around the building and house.

Trees Facts 2: Value of Property

If you want to sell the house, you can increase the value by maintaining the shrub and trees around the house. The value will enhance up to 14 percent. Pick atree which can bloom in the summer to carry beautiful effect. Get the info by reading flowers facts.



Trees Facts 3: Cost of Heating and Cooling

The annual heating cost of cooling and heating is around 21 billion dollar each year. By placing many trees the people can reduce the cost because they can get wind buffering and shade to protect you from the hot sunlight.

Trees Facts 4: Cost of a Tree

A tree is very valuable. The value of a mature tree is up to $10,000. The mature one is more beneficial to the environment because it can eliminate the air pollution up to 70 percent. The new planted tree needs time to do it.

Trees and GLobal Warming

Trees and GLobal Warming

Trees Facts 5: Saving Cost

By having an average tree around you can save much cash for the environment. You can reduce pollution and converse energy.

Trees Facts 6: Absorption of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. The spreading of carbon dioxide is because of the factories and cars. By having one tree, it can absorb carbon dioxide up to one ton.

Trees Facts

Trees Facts

Trees Facts 7: Paper

Tree has many benefits to the life of human being. Many people cut the tree because they want to use it as a material to make paper. More than 95 percent of houses built in US are made from wood. The American people also use 750 pounds of paper each year.

Trees Facts 8: Coast Redwood

Coast Redwood is the tallest tree in US. It is located in Redwood National Park in California. The age of this tree is 200 years old. The height is around 369 feet. Find out more info of big trees on oak tree facts.



Trees Facts 9: Life Span of a Tree

Not all tress can live longer like redwood. Most trees planted on a city or urban area can only live for about 8 years.

Trees Facts 10: Oxygen

One tree can generate the oxygen around 260 pounds every year.  If your family consists of four people, you just need to plant two trees to fill the house with fresh oxygen each year.

Types of Trees

Types of Trees

The forest in US takes one third of land. You need to preserve the surrounding environment by placing more trees if you want to get fresh air and water.  The government should support the protection of forest to save the world. Have you understood on facts about tree?

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