10 Interesting Roses Facts

Tuesday, June 4th 2013. | Plants

Roses facts help you to trace back the origin of this beautiful flower. Roses can be a good commodity for a country since this flower is colorful and popular. People use this flower to symbolize love, passion, and friendship. People love it because of its beauty but you need to be careful for roses have thorns that can hurt your fingers. Here are some fascinating roses facts to notice:

Roses Facts 1: Cultivated Rose

There are many countries in the world developing the cultivated roses. Actually the first roses were born on Caspian. They were cultivated in the Northern of Persia or Gulf of Persia. Let’s see the flower facts to know many kinds of flowers in the world.

Roses Facts 2: Rose Fossil

The fossil is not only in the form of animal.  It was discovered in Colorado that a rose fossil was in the age of 35 million years.

Roses Facts

Roses Facts

Roses Facts 3: Colors of Roses

Roses can be used to show your passion, feeling and emotion. You can choose red roses if you want to show the people’s romance, love, and passion. If you want to show empathy, happiness, and familiar love, you can give yellow roses. To deliver the poetic romance and gentleness, choose soft pink roses.

Roses Facts 4: Sacred Flowers

The ancient Egypt people considered roses as the sacred flowers. They used them in funeral to form a beautiful wreath on the tomb stone. The flower was used to serve the Goddess Isis in a sacred ritual.

Red Roses

Red Roses

Roses Facts 5: Books of Roses

Roses had been popular in the past due to its beautiful petals. It was mentioned by Confucius that the Chinese Imperial Library had many collections of books about roses. If you want to know one of the biggest trees in the world, read the oak tree facts.

Roses Facts 6: Mesopotamia

In 2860 BC, the people living in Tigris-Euphrates River Valley spoke about roses in their system of writing or a cuneiform table. It signifies that roses have been known by Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Roses Facts 7: Roses in the World

You can find roses growing almost in each country in the world for this flower can adapt well in any kinds of weather. Thus, this flower is considered as a universal flower.

Roses Facts 8: Netherland

Roses can be used as a source of wealth in some countries. The leading exporter for roses in the world is Netherland even though this country also grows many tulips than any other countries.



Roses Facts 9: Black Roses

In facts, there are no black roses is the world. The black roses actually are deep red colored roses which look dark and gloomy.

Roses Facts 10: Roses in Ecuador

Besides Netherlands, this flower is cultivated on Ecuador. More than 54 percent of the land in Ecuador is filled with roses. More than 80 percent of land in Zambia is also dominated with rose cultivation.



Rose is not only a symbol or love, but it can also resemble your true friendship. This flower is used for many purposes like sacred ceremony and wedding. People have notice the beauty of this flower dated back years ago revealed by the facts about roses above.

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