10 Interesting Mushroom Facts

Saturday, August 16th 2014. | Plants

Get the detail information of Mushroom Facts in the following post. Mushroom is not a plant. It is a type of fungus. To create energy, mushroom does not need any sunlight. It does not have any chlorophyll. Many people call mushroom as toadstools. Here are facts about mushroom for you:

Mushroom Facts 1: food

Mushroom can be made into a food. There are various kinds of nutrition that you can get from mushroom such as potassium, copper and vitamin B. The fat, salt and carbohydrate in mushrooms are very low. Therefore, you can maintain the health by eating mushroom.

Mushroom Facts 2: potassium

Potassium is an important nutrition that our body needs. Compared to a banana, a single portabella mushroom has more potassium.

Mushroom Facts

Mushroom Facts

Mushroom Facts 3: mushroom for traditional medicine

The Chinese traditional medicine uses mushroom for more than centuries. Mushroom is believed to have the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial agent. You can also get antioxidant by eating mushroom.

Mushroom Facts 4: benefits of eating mushroom

You can decrease the cholesterol level, balance the blood sugar, reduce the high blood pressure, eliminate stress, fight many types of cancers and increase the immune system by eating enough mushroom.

Mushroom Images

Mushroom Images

Mushroom Facts 5: cuisines

There are many kinds of cuisines in the world cooked by using mushroom as the ingredient. Therefore, it is well known as a meat of vegetable.  The Indian, Japanese, French, or even Korean cuisines often use mushroom.

Mushroom Facts 6: water

Do you know that 90 percent of mushroom is made up of water? Even though it is  a type of fungi, it contains a lot of water. Check fungi facts here.

Mushroom Picture

Mushroom Picture

Mushroom Facts 7: China

China is called as the largest producer of edible mushroom in the world.  Most people living in United States like to consume the white button mushroom. Other edible mushrooms to eat include Portobello and Crimini.

Mushroom Facts 8: species of mushroom

There are many species of mushroom in the world.  The mushroom which can glow in the dark comes in 30 species. The glowing light that the mushroom produced is called as a foxfire.



Mushroom Facts 9: Mycophagist

The people who collect mushroom in the wild are Mycophagist.  The activity of collecting the mushroom is called as mushrooming or mushroom hunting.

Mushroom Facts 10: poisonous mushroom

When you are in the wild, don’t try to eat the mushroom. You do not know whether the mushroom is poisonous or not. Usually the mushrooms with bright and stunning color are poisonous.

Mushroom Red

Mushroom Red

A colony of Armillaria solidipes is located in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. It is called as the largest organism in the world. It can be traced back in 2,400 years ago. Are you impressed with facts about mushroom?

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