10 Interesting Galway Facts

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Let me talk about one of the interesting cities in Ireland in Galway facts. Even though Galway city is not the biggest one in the country, it is a popular destination in Ireland. You can enjoy the beauty of seascape and landscape. You can enjoy various kinds of activities when you visit Galway city. Find out about this city in detail below:

Galway Facts 1: the third largest city

If you ask me the third largest city in Ireland, it is Galway city. It is located in the province of Connact and is considered as the only city there. The people living in Galway city were around 75,414 based on 2011 census.

Galway Facts 2: John F. Kennedy Park

If you decide to visit Galway City, ensure that you can go the park located at the center of the Galway city. This park is named John F. Kennedy Park after the former president of US. However, many local people still call this park as Eyre Square. You can see a defending canon and old city gate here.

Galway City

Galway City

Galway Facts 3: nickname

The nickname of Galway city is the city of Tribes or Cathair na dTreabh. The name is gained based on the fourteen merchant families who lived in this area in the era of Hiberno-Norman.

Galway Facts 4: festivals

This city is the place where you can have fun and enjoy various kinds of festivals. The lifestyle is very vibrant so that it can attract many kinds of visitors all of the Irelands. You can enjoy the famous art group parade during the Galway Arts Festival in the summer season.

Galway Facts

Galway Facts

Galway Facts 5: symbols

There are various kinds of symbols that people can link with the city. Those are the Aran Sweater, the Claddagh Ring, and the Galway Hookers.

Galway Facts 6: the sexiest cities

Based on the report in 2007, one of the sexiest cities in the world is Galway City. In the world report, this city is ranked on the 42nd position of the best tourist destination.

galway Ireland

galway Ireland

Galway Facts 7: Cultural Heart of Ireland

Those who love to study about culture can come to Galway city since it is called as Cultural Heart of Ireland. You can enjoy the Irish songs, music, language, dance and many more.

Galway Facts 8: islands

There are many kinds of places that you can visit during your Ireland vacation. You can go to the most famous island in Ireland. It is called the Aran Island.

Galway Street.

Galway Street.

Galway Facts 9: island for tourist destination

There are three kinds of island that you can visit for a special occasion. You can go to Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer.

Galway Facts 10: Peter O’Toole

One of the famous people coming from Galway city was Peter O’Toole. He was a great Hollywood actor who was born in 1932 in Connemara, Galway City.

Galway View

Galway View

O’Toole got many Oscar nominations even though he never won any of them. His famous role was in Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. Are you satisfied with facts about Galway city?

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